personal energocorrection system


Baibak is a system for complex and fully automatic restoration of health. It is a combination of several of the most efficient energy techniques, and special algorithms by which these techniques are applied.

The main technique utilised within Baibak is that of Cosmoenergy, a powerful healing opportunity that has been scientifically shown to have significant beneficial effects on health.

All of the practical and theoretical aspects of Cosmoenergy, which are used by the algorithm of the Baibak system, have been subject to systematic testing and clinical trials for the past 10 years. This is in addition to the 20+ years of people working with the healing aspect of Cosmoenergy with phenomenal efficacy.

Not only an effective technique to cure chronic diseases, use of the Baibak system improves the speed and quality of healing better than any other comparable healing modalities/practices.

Working with the Baibak system takes only 18 minutes a day. It is simple, easy to use, and highly effective, as negative states are cleared forever.

Restoring your health = Restoring your life. These things are inextricably connected, and practitioners of the Baibak system have repeatedly noted that in addition to restoring their physical health, many other positive changes have happened in their lives, such as improved material well-being, elimination of bad habits (smoking, alcohol, and other addictions), positive changes to inner psychological states, and improved relationships with loved ones and those around them, to name just a few.

All of this is possible through the use of unique algorithms that deal with disease not only on the physical level, providing a therapeutic effect, but also on the mental and psychological energy levels also.

Use of the Baibak system can give us energy and power, which we have otherwise lacked in everyday life. It gives the desire and motivation not just to live, but to develop yourself and live life with pleasure.

This system is not an ideological doctrine. It is compatible with all energy practices, psychological techniques, and religious beliefs.

The Baibak system does not provide practitioners with an overseer or “guru” - no one will remind you that you need regular practice sessions. No one will try to persuade you to stay with the system, or to not “throw it away”. You must be fully prepared to work independently.