personal energocorrection system

Loracleo (33)

Decided to try this system for the following reasons:
1. Allergies — skin rushes from all sorts of drinks and food, also on pats and dust
2. For the past year developed pigmentation spots on the top part of my legs (laser treatments are not really helping). Spots are spread from knee to top buttom, but nowhere else.
3. in the past 5 month developed 9 sm size fibroid on uterus.
4. Dark circles under/top of the eyes.Had this for many years but now its more visible.
5. Skin body herpes coming every couple of month. Skin blisters sometimes leaves scars.

27/12 — First session of Baibak system. Headache and diarrhoea as first symptoms.

27 december 2014, 16:35 Vik 0   32   13 +2

Sarah Jackson, 29 years old

I can say that Baibak has come to me at exactly the right time. I am really interested to do it for so many reasons. I have been dealing with several different health issues as follows:

  • Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrom (PCOS) — Diagnosed 2 years ago but have had symptoms for well over 10 years (masked by using birth control pill, which I am no longer taking, hence symptoms became noticeable once more).
    Symptoms include: painful cramps, extended bleeding, unwanted hair growth, mood swings, depressive outbursts etc.
  • Noticeable lumpiness in right breast for some time.
  • Previously suffered from ice pick headaches/migraines (occasionally have some mild recurring symptoms).
  • Strong pain in right knee.
  • Regular discomfort in stomach including bloating, gas, cramps, and sometimes nausea/vomiting.
  • Nasal Pollips — Was diagnosed 2 years ago — small growths inside the nostrils, causing stuffiness/congestion, and headaches — was prescribed a steroid spray but stopped using it. Occasionally experience some mild symptoms.
  • Mild but persistent acne.
  • Shortsightedness (currently wearing glasses for long-distance vision at — 2 prescription).
  • Tooth decay/cavities — experience pain sometimes when eating/drinking.
  • Hypermobility (double-jointed) causing regular inflammation and pain in joints (knee, wrists, ankles).

15 july 2014, 17:28 Sarah Jackson 0   33   165 +2

Ksenia Golitcina, 30 years old

This diary is translated from a Russian-speaking member of the group.
Decided to participate in the Baibak system testing solely because of health problems that are not resolved either with medicine or with other practices. In other aspects of my life I was quite happy: I have been married for almost seven years, a good relationship with my husband (though of course anything can happen, but very rarely), living with my husband in a beautiful two-story house (but rented), a lot of travel. Work: I'm a housewife, while actively helping my husband in the development of several online projects, so household life is not addictive.

10 june 2014, 04:26 ksenia.golitcina 0   20   10 +1