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Ksenia Golitcina, 30 years old

This diary is translated from a Russian-speaking member of the group.
Decided to participate in the Baibak system testing solely because of health problems that are not resolved either with medicine or with other practices. In other aspects of my life I was quite happy: I have been married for almost seven years, a good relationship with my husband (though of course anything can happen, but very rarely), living with my husband in a beautiful two-story house (but rented), a lot of travel. Work: I'm a housewife, while actively helping my husband in the development of several online projects, so household life is not addictive.

I have health problems along the following lines:

• Infertility, hormonal imbalances (8 years of trying to conceive, including using hormonal drugs). The official diagnosis: infertility of 1st degree, hyperandrogenism, luteal phase defect.
• Hair loss (last 2 years)
• Psoriasis of the nails (not officially diagnosed)
• Vitiligo (this was about 2 years ago, it escalated, then disappeared. Now almost no spots). Not an official diagnosis.
• Meteosensitivity.
• Problems with the digestive tract (mainly the intestines). Severe pain from childhood. The official diagnosis: goiter.
• Acne.
• Hair in unwanted places.
• Breast disease (recurrent exacerbations for 17 years, recently almost did not bother). Official diagnosis.
• Thrush.
• Displacement of the sacrum (official diagnosis). Displacement for more than 4 years. Massage, osteopathy, exercise, etc. do not help — reduction after effects last only a few days.
• Myopia, astigmatism and nearsightedness -1.5
• Varicose veins in the legs (mainly venous network and spider veins)

I am a Cosmoenergy practitioner (master), and completed the second stage of Reiki. Cosmoenergy brought very good results, but with really hard work, and I was able to reach only a certain level, then seemed to hit a ceiling. Attended a lot of different training courses in psychology, including holotropic breathing, practiced «Turbo Suslik» (TS) for about two years, passed almost all paid TS(at the time of the start of sessions in Baibak, there were about 400 protocols not yet running. I did not combine these two techniques). TSgave very powerful results in the psyche, relationships, views of the world, but many health problems I had not been able to resolve, although some have gone without a trace.

Important: these results I had achieved, conducting sessions every day and sometimes twice (morning and evening).
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  1. ksenia.golitcina 10 june 2014, 05:46 # 0
    Week 1
    I immediately began to conduct sessions every day because I have a good experience with Cosmoenergy. Noted that the sessions are not same as others, from other Cosmoenergy practitioners, or from myself: they are more precise, deep, it feels smooth gradual work. Yet there is a sense (even some inner confidence) that the impact of the sessions is going smoothly with the force with which it is necessary. For comparison, conducting sessions with Cosmoenergy, often felt thatit’s «not pushed it through» or «pumped too much». This does not happen with the sessions in Baibak — the work is organic.

    First two days had a very bad headache (all forehead). By the end of the week the weather changed, and I noticed that I did not respond to it as usual (pressure and throbbing headache).

    Grew thin in places where to remove any amount took a long time of exercise or diet (upper arms and upper thighs), not by putting any effort and without changing the diet.

    First 4 daysthere were sleep disturbances, either waking up at night and couldn’t sleep for a long time, or waking up at 5am unnecessarily. During this period, sleep was dreamless.

    Instead of menstruation,there was another ovulation, just one day before the expected menses. Belly in those few days was drawn, but menstruation had not begun. For comparison, I already haddouble ovulation cycles, but the second ovulation never stopped menstruation. For me, these changes were positive effects.
    On the fifth day mood and performance plummeted. Overall a very nasty feeling. Had neither the desire nor the ability to focus on something.

    Towards the end of the week came normal sleep and the first dream was funny in content (all of the dreamI will not describe):in the end, I shovelled a lot or land, or excrement, and pulled out of it coins of different denominations and year, some were very old, cleaned them up and put in a separate jar. I woke up from that with a twisted stomach.

    Very powerful cleaning began (diarrhea). Stomach twisted strongly, and was nauseated. Cleaning went onall morning, after it ended there was incredible lightness as on a bodily level, and emotional. Appeared a selectivity to products.

    All the time something happens, abdomen turns a little bit, it tingles, then aches. The chest is slightly increased, and hurts, tingling, something sweeping inside.

    On the same day a very strained relationship with the female half of the family. Rose aggression, throwing everything that I held before inside myself.
    1. ksenia.golitcina 10 june 2014, 05:56 # 0
      Week 2
      In the morning very cramped calf. Last leg cramp was about 10 years ago, and so strong the first time. Usually, when a muscle cramps, I want to laugh and cry at the same time, but this time it was just very painful. For a couple of days the leg could not recover, it was painful to walk.

      Woke up with huge black eyes, though slept well.

      Mood still disgusting, depressed. Conflicts are continuing.

      By the beginning of the weeknormal sleep (I go early and get up early too). Many times tried to change the modeof my sleep by force and it did not happen, although I know that I feel myself with this schedule much better. Generally got less sleep, and felt more energetic.

      Became easier to be in a session (18 minutes) — time passes quietly.

      Mood has improved. Conflict situations resolved, as if nothing had happened.

      Started some incredible period of «health sneezing» — sneezing several times a day, so much so that at this point it is aligned with crunching in the department of the sacrum, the lower back. It’s become easier to feel the heat flow to the legs (legs before were freezing).

      At night thyroid gland very painful, but in a goodway:tingled, got hot, etc.

      Sometimes gut hurts, sometimes the bottom of the belly aches(as before menstruation), especially after exertions. After the session becomes easier.

      Cravebodily contact with my husband — holding hands, hugging, and so on (more than usual).

      Already this week there was frequent belching of just air, odorless. Before it even felt nauseated, and then it would become much easier. Prior to that, there was never a burp.

      Began to unlock the muscular level, especially felt in the moment of falling asleep: throughout the body muscles begin to twitch and then relax. Once I realised that this place was decently desensitised and muscles in this area feel like a single solid block. Now a feeling of relaxation and each muscle separately.

      Dreamed a horrible dream about a festering toe, and nail falls off. Ran into pharmacies on this problem, in search of an ointment, but no one helped. Upon waking, remembered mother, whose illness led her eventually to death, began with problems with the same nail. There was a feeling that the generic program is gone and I will not repeat her fate.

      Underbelly stopped whining, but also the intestine turns, although there is no problem with going to the toilet, it is like clockwork. Previously, if I didn’t have food at the right time, there began severe abdominal pain, cramps and spasms (to stop the pain, I had to force myself to eat something and go rest up in certain poses for half an hour to an hour). Today, when I again do not eat in time, the pain was not so strong, and quickly gone, gases went out easily, I quietly ate without any ill effects after.

      Often during sessions very sore scar on foot. Fresh scar — half a year. Noticed that when I touch it, it has become completely flat and smooth (was slightly convex at the edges and hollow in the middle), but in the center there is a slight scaling and colour — it still stands out from the rest of the skin, although noticeably paler.

      Sensations in almost all sessions: frequent tingling, as if something bites, sometimes very painful, but there is actually no one there. At first I would open my eyes to check, then I got used to it.Often the feeling of being pressed in the head: forehead or temples. Sometimes the face hurts. Just under the skin as if something is moving with painful sensations, like a bruise, sometimes it seems that even the bones of the skull ache. At all sessions work is carried out mainly with the bottom of the abdomen, chest, back and right side (near the kidneys and below). As a rule, all the sensations in the sessions are painful.

      Intestines still twist, flatulence, belching.

      Often, when already out of the session, it hurts there, and that's it.Sometimes it feels like something viscous and heavy, painfully crawling down. Sometimes at some point it becomes sharply hot, especially in the legs, as if warm water is spilled on my feet, but really there is nothing. The most common sensations in the body outside of sessions are pain, tingling, or flooding of menthol in the liver (sometimes the entire right side hurts), and pain in the back, somewhere in the region of the kidneys. Often right side hurtsaround the waist, and below that there is pulling and tugging.

      Towards the end of the week very strong aggression grew, first about my body (it is stupid, does not listen, allows nasty things, I cannot trust it anymore, etc.), then abruptly switched to aggression against mother, that she is worthy only of hate, I cannot forgive what she has done and someone I have to continue to hate her (and who but me has so well coped with it!), she needs to be paid back with hatred for hatred.
      By the evening the mood has improved, and in the morning, these thoughts and all seemed inadequate,although there was not any love and trust to the body, nor the love for the mother.

      Fairly quickly improved skin condition, what day it happened is hard to say, but now note that large subcutaneous pimples are gone. Sometimes there are small and superficial ones, but they are less common. The general condition of the skin is also getting better: it is pleasant to the touch, smooth, more taut and toned. For a week ate only brown rice, straight love for the taste, and nothing else is desirable. I drank a lot of water.
      1. ksenia.golitcina 13 june 2014, 19:01 # 0
        Week 3
        Work continues during the sessions with the bottom of the abdomen, back and right side.
        I want to do more than 1 session a day.

        At night, aching elbows. Before that, they had never bothered me. In the morning, no pain or discomfort.

        Already for two days felt very bad mentally and physically. Just impossible to describe, not even a way to write the diary. Aggravated a lot of problems like health, and with the personality. Fatigue, depression, no desire to do something, or move at all. The general condition was very disgusting and I could not understand from where this abomination comes. Before going to bed, even drank some alcohol, so I hate all around and myself. In the morning, began a hardcore load of work. I will describe only the most important moments in my opinion. Once again it's a feeling of hatred for my own body, feeling that it had betrayed me, lied to me, misleading and so on. Trying to understand my feelings, I suddenly realised that the body — it is something separate from me and by very far, in fact.The brain (author of the internal dialogue, the one who analyses all) is also separated from me, is not me. First I was covered with the horror of knowing that I am neither the body nor the brain, and I am something third, small and undeveloped and like a ball, which was caught between these two giants (brain and body), as between two fires. I suddenly realised that this same lump does not have an opinion about what is happening, he is as a minor king, who is forced to use the information that he is provided by his top advisers only — the body and the brain. For all his life, he had to take someone's side, as a result offending the other. I realised that all the internal conflicts are generated by these three, and this conflict is eternal, because the body is saying one thing, the brain is different, and some “I am” has suspected all the time that the body and brain are lying to him. There was a feeling that these three old enemies areready to do anything for power and to prove their innocence. Moreover, at some point, I felt not only the separation of myself, body, and brain, but also the fact that all three are at a distance from each other by not less than 7 kilometres (from where I got this figure???). It was crazy, it was scary. There were a lot of tears, but the most shocking discovery for me was the fact that the body can also lie. Earlier, I was sureof the integrity and reliability of information coming from it. I spent almost half my life learning how to listen to him, to trust him, but now that confidence has collapsed and there's a feeling that the most important person in my life betrayed me. When I realised I could no longer think about it, I launched a Baibak session lying down and passed out for about two hours. I woke up with a terrible feeling of weakness, it was difficult to get out of bed, tears came again, after already felt better, gradually joined by power. Later I felt an incredible lightness inside, as if brighter. It came to no longer be a care for me, as in fact it is a case with the body and brain, and this situation caused almost no emotion.

        Period came 3 days later. I note this as a positive effect. Previously, period attacked somewhere on the 12th day after ovulation, and even hormones could not fix it, now it came on the 15th day, which is a norm.

        Breasts during this time have grown well, by almost half the size. By menstruation they areusually increased, but never by so much, and before it was always accompanied by the appearance of mastitis, but this time it's all right. After menstruation chest slightly decreased, but still remained larger than it was before. Period began with spotting (spotting for 2 days), full blood came only on the third day (for me it is the «norm» for over a year). Periodthis time was very painful, for such a long time beforeit was not.

        Early evening session went by some other scheme, there were a lot of new experiences, a lot of tickling all over my body, tingling and pulsation. Many sensations in the face and head. Pain, as before, there was not.
        Sessions continue to go completely different, the feeling that we are working with a total energy at some other level, and work with the 4th Energy Centre (Chakra).

        Skin became very clear, there were only black dots, which are easily cleaned. To cleaning (mechanical at home), skin responds very well. Firstly, cleaning is required not as often as before, and secondly, redness after cleaning passes quickly, without starting a chain reaction of new lesions.

        Today was just a magical session! Feeling bright, strong, work took place with all the bodies and chakras. Firstly, each chakra, starting with the first, grounded, so that it was hard to stay on my feet, as if from each chakra a heavy anchor was thrown that broke into the ground by a few meters. After,there began a phased work with bodies, inexpressible feeling, very bright and clear. After the end of the 18 minutes of music, for some time, I did not want to open my eyes, I felt that the work is still ongoing. After the session, felt incredible power and self-confidence, had the feeling that I can do anything, I can do all, everything will be as I want. Held session before bed, and then it was very difficult to sleep, I was filled with energy. At night often woke up from a sense of cheerfulness (strange feeling),eventually woke up 6 :30 am. Now, self-confidence is not increased too, but it is still more than usual.

        For a few days felt dizzy, especially in the evening, periodically it “comes” out of the blue.
        Returned to thoughts of separation of the brain, body, and some “I am”I felt that the same gutless lump (I), who is forced to rush between the body and the brain, is not so weak-willed. I felt that he (or I) is not bound to choose someone's side, he has the right to decide.

        In sessions, the muscles throughout the body twitch and contract. Work continues with the liver, breast, but the main work was switched to the left side of the body, especially the left side of the trunk\torso (pain, tingling, pulsing, bursting, etc.). Work began with the eyes (itchy during the session).

        Standing in the sessions I was very happy, and had a sense of awareness that soon I will be completely healthy, and a feeling that every session brings me to this state by leaps and bounds.

        Already outsideof sessionsit is sometimes hard to sit with bent back: on the right side under the ribs as if something interferes.Guess it's slightly increased liver.

        Condition of the sacrum still makes me happy: now in those positions of the body, which previously I had felt a pain, or because of which again shifted the sacrum, there just happens a painless click in the sacrum and that’s all. I feel that the sacrum is now moving, whereas there used to be a feeling that everything is concreted.

        Started gettingmy first compliments about my skin, household noted that the condition is greatly improved:-) at the end of the week there were a couple of pimples. For a couple of days it’s easy to clean, then on the third day stomach twisted hard, and so came a powerful cleaning.
        1. ksenia.golitcina 20 june 2014, 17:56 # 0
          Week 4
          Sessions were not as bright.

          Hunger has gone in the conventional sense, and now I feel hungry purely physiologically, as a strange and uncomfortable feeling in the stomach (it turns out that this isnot the same, now I see the difference). There is virtually no emotion in relation to the products, the food — it's just food and that’s all. I do not want something because it is tasty, and the like.I do not force myself to eat something useful,do not blame myself for the fact that I ate a lot of bad, but tasty food. I eat what I want. The taste preferences have almost completely changed. Eat to satiety once, rarely two times a day, everything else is drinks and light snacks, fruit. Ceased to overeat.Now, even if,out of habit, I put a lot of foodfor myself in a bowl, then I do not force myself to eat everything (left a little present from childhood, «you will not leave the table until you finish everything»), I can easily not eat up,and throw away the food I did not finish — a state of comfort inside is more important than the educated «frugality» (throw the food that cannot be eaten).

          Often feel the taste of blood in my mouth. I realised that some days I forgot to take vitamins. After taking vitamins, the taste disappeared.

          During the night was awakened by the familiar discomfort in the sacrum (offset for a few years before the start of sessions in Baibak) as if it were again slightly shifted. Angry, scared, upset. Now, after living for a few weeks with the comfort, I realised that I have something to lose again, and no -I will not return to the previous state. With these thoughts I went to sleep. When I woke up — the sacrum was ok.

          Sense of time changed: it began to stretch very slowly, at first it even seemed that the watch is broken.
          Clarified some interesting anti-alcohol effects in the system. Today decided to have a beer with shrimp. Bought beer of the same brand thatI always bought, but the taste was very unpleasant and bitter. I had not even drank a full glass, and how much I was intoxicated — the state was very similar to when I tried alcohol for the first time in my life, as if it took place before the powerful detoxification of the body, and it was pure alcohol, as before. Just wanted to set aside the glass and to not touch any of the shit, so I did.

          Sensations in the sessions: highly itchy eyes again,again at the beginning the face started to hurt badly, the feeling on the face of a mask or a film that I want to tear off. At one of the sessions, there was so much pain in the left knee that already there came right up nausea and weakness, I thought I was going to faint, but nothing happened.

          A few spots raised up, even a couple of subcutaneous. Very upset, thought this was in the past. Whether due to a problem with a person, or something else for whatever reason, but the mood sank. I would like to fall down all day and watch movies.

          Improved driving skills (I drive a scooter, but very poorly). Despite the more or less regular practice, very afraid to drive, and progress of practice I had not seen. Now somehow became more confident and less nervous on the road, I am not afraid of cars.

          Made for myself an incredible discovery. I am by nature very lazy and not productive, all the while doing everything at the wrong time, late with deadlines, inappropriate quality as well, and the list goes on. Earlier, in another fit of laziness, I began to berate myself inside and hate, because of doing so, but could not stop being lazy. A week ago, I seemed to have opened my eyes. On that day, as I usually forced myself to go to school, I did not want to go there, I was angry and nervous, and this was reflected in the driving — I almost got into an accident and then I spat on everything and decided not to go anywhere, and turned into the mall. The only thought that I had in my head was, if this will be the last two hours of my life (which they may very well be, because no one knows when we will die) I do not want to spend them in the sweltering class audience. Since I am lazy with pleasure (and I do everything with pleasure), and noticed that's the trend, if I allow myself to be lazy, then eventually my performance increases. Now I can get stuck with gusto to the floor for all the day in my favourite TV series, and in the evening feel the unprecedented inspiration to work (and thus make more than if I forced myself to work all day). Do not have to «suck the thumb» for anything — ideas, thoughts, concepts come by themselves.

          I finally took to creativity (painting a picture).The desire to start painting again came more than six months ago, and at the time bought everything I needed, but for some reason I did not start (I think, too many complexes and fears were working: will it work out as conceived, and how will others gauge my work, will they appreciate my work, and so on). Now I no longer bother over the correctness of the composition and structure, and just express myself, as a child.

          Already for a few days a totally unpleasant sensation in the stomach and intestines, it is difficult to describe it, all the time, somewhere, there hurts a little twist, a little nauseated, total feeling of heaviness and some dirt around the torso. Often go to the toilet several times a day.
          Already for a few days there was small watery rash all over the body, not strong, but it itches.First thought that someone has bitten me, but the rash continues to appear in different places. Heals quickly. By the end of the week the rash is gone.

          Psoriasis also worsened in some nails.

          Dreamed an interesting dream: my older sister sent photos through the social network and forcibly put it to my main page. Photograph was of her wedding, in which she and I, and a few other people, were standing in a line like soldiers, her veil thrown over us. It covers us from head to toe, and with her we are very angry, resentful.Moreover, anyone who is under the veil, including me, is younger than they actually are (no more than 13-14 years). In the dream, it was a very unpleasant feeling that the veil crushes, it is like lead, and does not allow all those who are under it to develop.

          Amazing thing happened today during the session. First, a bit of the story: all my childhood I had a stupid habit of walking on tiptoes. Growing up, I began to notice that the tread goes down on my shoes in different ways. But when I started practicing Cosmoenergy the teacher said that I have a big problem with the ground. I noticed that I stand uneven (it seems that the legs are at different levels and in different ways pressed to the floor of the foot). I tried to fix it but did not really understand how to do it. So, in today's session, something happened, like an energy flow pushing me, and first the right foot fully clung to the floor (previously the emphasis fell on its edge rather than the centre), and then I leaned back and shifted the whole centre of gravity on to the heels. Up to this point I could not even think that I do not lean on my heels when I stand! At first it was very painful, as if I'm standing on them for the first time, and then the legs, below the knees, began to hurt and itch, started to feel nauseated. When the session was over, for a long time I was afraid to move, I could not get enough of the fact that at last I stand firmly on myfeet! I am still in the habit of putting my feet «wrong», but now I know how they should be set and what to do with them, I feel it.

          Again, work began with the bottom of the abdomen and chest (during the sessions as well as outside,with pain, tingling, shooting etc.)

          Last session this week was very strange, I did not feel anything, really. The whole session I visited the thought: Well, what am I standing here for? Why am I doing this? Where are the sensations, pain, trash? I wanted to open my eyes, and just walk away to do other things. I felt anger and irritation at the system (if I do not feel anything, it must not be working this time!). In the second half of the session, I opened my eyes and stood with them open, spun and waited, but when will this music end? Only after the end of the session, I realised that the work in this session went on nevertheless, and is quite powerful, just that work does not always happen on a bodily level, sometimes the work is ONLY with emotions. I realised that all these doubts, fears, suspicions still have a place in the background, despite the obvious results of the system for me in just a month.
          1. ksenia.golitcina 27 june 2014, 06:53 # 0
            Week 5
            The beginning of the week pleased me. For the second consecutive menstrual cycle, ovulation comes clearly on the 10th day of the cycle (!!!), before it came on days 17-19, I did not expect it. For me it's just an incredible miracle, no matter how hard I fought this problem (late ovulation) with doctors, nor even when I myself tried to fix it using a variety of techniques, herbs, etc. — everything was infinitely confusing. With Baibak it’s happened without any effort. Ovulation passing was even different: I used to feel uncomfortable pain in the area of the ovaries (something bursting). Now, I still have a feeling of this too, but it’s a very different character, not painful. Breasts have begun responding to ovulation (before this there was no response).Leucorrhoeabeforeovulation alsochanged structure, not so thick. I'm amazed at the effect, did not think it would necessarily come so quickly.

            Relationship with my husband has undergone tremendous changes. The first step was to change the fact that we sleep in different bedrooms. Many readers may now feel indignant — but what good is?! I'll be honest — this is the most sensible decision for the entire family life. People, even when you're in a relationship, should keep some private intimate space, and sleep — this is the most intimate. I was itching for a long time, thought that I did not have enough personal space, I cannot be alone with myself, to remove all the masks, and I was depressed. Plus the spectacle of the sleeping husband, no longer touches after 8 years of marriage, and he hardly thought how erotic I am drooling on the pillow. To sleep in different rooms did not even come as a solution, we just did so without unnecessary disputes and objections. Just shook off all the stereotypes that husband and wife should sleep together, that if they are not together, then they will have a falling out, etc. Now our relationship is better than ever, we have more to talk about, discuss, we became comfortable about each other's quirks, as if they were less. We rested, fresh and always glad to see each other. We wish each other goodnight and good morning, which was long gone when we slept in the same bed.

            Noticed that life has become brighter: increased taste, colours are brighter, I feel the slightest smell, the skin became very sensitive (for the first time I even stopped wearing clothes with rough seams or no rinse wash, it causes discomfort). Life has become pleasant and surprising.

            Noticed another change: before, flipping through the social network, sometimes I could not help but comment (it was necessary to express an opinion about someone else's publication, to tell someone that they are wrong). Now, even if I did start writing a message, I’d delete it or re-read, and not send. I was not interested in it, it became apparent the senselessness of all this action. I was pretty worried about this problem for a long time, because in the end I was entering into an argument with someone, irritated and nervous, but the effort to solve the problem would not work, and now it has fallen off by itself.

            Sessions this week, while the same,are not bright, but productive. All the same, we are working with the breast, face, lower back started to hurt, especially at the end. At one of the sessions dropped and levelled the shoulders, did not think I had them so dramatically lifted up. In several sessions very painful hands, feet and fingers, something sweeps, as if departing from them. Sometimes the face starts to hurt very much, just «moving all around» from the skin to the bone of the skull, even outside of sessions. Very sore throat, but not as from a common cold, but as of great tension. At one of the sessions, almost all the time was working with the head (somewhere something hurt, poured energy is pressed), the nose all the time was feeling as before sneezing, but the actual urge to sneeze was not present. Aching knees, ligaments and tendons throughout the body, tingling around the abdomen. The last couple of sessions were unpleasant: covered in heat, cold sweats, felt sick, dizzy, work was going on with the liver.

            Few aches in the left breast, palpation, there was a small compaction (mastopathy/breast disease). The next day, the pain was almost gone, and the compaction became smaller. By the end of the week breasts have grown, and mastopathy escalated stronger.

            Noticed that I have become more patient, can do long-term projects, while maintaining an interest in them and not being overwhelmed. Found less fault with myself and the results were not long in coming — I started to do better. Maybe I want a little more time, but I do everything calmly, methodically and without nerves. Before I could hit the ceiling, get into a fuss, quit work on the floor because I do not like the intermediate result. Now I have the power to correct several times, and rework, if the situation requires it. Another thing, noted that I will not hurry, not try to take everything in one fell swoop.

            Unbeknownst to me, hair has become much thicker, although the fallout is nearly as much as before. Today I had a haircut, and the barber had to trim/texture my hair more than usual (I have short hair).

            Improved memory. I remember all with less effort than ever before. I think this level of memory I had before only in high school.

            Began to turn on the lights in the room where I'm sitting or working to the maximum. Previously, once scrimped,using only those on (above)myself, but now I want to have a lot of light around, I do not like twilight and darkness.Attribute this to two things: 1 –I do not feel sorry for myself anymore; 2 – I am brighter and cleaner inside and want the same from the space around.

            Increased self-esteem as a result of all the above effects (improved driving skills, improved memory, increased performance, etc.). I am proud of myself and happy with who I am. Already that night are amazing dreams: I dream of people and places from my old childhood, we meet in some important places for us growing up, and reminisce. Interpret this as dealing with problems on some very deep reservoirs, some problems originating from childhood.

            Sleepy all day, eventually went to bed in the afternoon and slept 3 hours, running Baibak lying down. Headache in different places.

            Incredible dreams continue: I dreamed that I was living in some kind of sinister rocks, every day going down to the people for food, and every evening running back. In these rocks I’m terribly scared, I live in some cave that is more like a coffin, I know that it is dangerous, and every time the cost of my life running back, passing by fighting with wild animals to the death to get to the cave in which I am still not safe. Awoke as from a nightmare, decided to turn over to the other side, and in that moment there was a strong crunch in the sacrum and then came a feeling of comfort (it still made itself felt sometimes with mild discomfort). Had not been able to fall asleep again, very much wanted to drink a lot of water, which I did. At some point I realised the level of the general background fear, to which I had grown accustomed to, and which at first glance had no reason, has declined significantly. Such confidence in the world, I did not ever feel! I also want to note that the right leg has relaxed (but not completely). Before it was very tense (the problem came with the displacement of the sacrum).

            Already in the morning dreaming about another equally vivid dream. I dreamed of my former coach in HolotropicBreathwork. She brought me to a huge stand with beads and necklaces, saying that I should choose a charm by just touching each in turn. When I touched the first, there just started playing magical music, and I burst into tears, I have never had it so good and bad at the same time. For the other «charms» no effect was given, and she gave me that first one.

            Between dreams had long periods of drowsiness, strange thoughts were spinning in my head: I should call to witness three observers, that they confirm that I was correct (as if I had something long guilty, and I have taken the pledge to reform). Then, in a drowsy state, this idea seemed sound and very important. Now, of course, it looks like nonsense, but should be written.

            I confess that I expected from the system restoration of only health (which is what happens in leaps and bounds), but such a powerful work with the mentality I did not expect! Everything happens surprisingly quickly and with incredible comfort compared to other techniques that I have tried. It now seems complete nonsense all the stories that «panacea» or one tablet just does not exist, and that changes should be given hard, that they supposedly still must be “earned” — only lovers could suffer such inventions!

            A little over a month, and I do not recognise myself! Life has changed dramatically, although I was satisfied before the changes. Between me and the present me a month ago (before the start of practice Baibak) is a huge gap, such powerful changes in such a short time I was not expecting from a single practice.

            Observed an interesting feeling: all week, at intervals several times a day, dramatically want to eat something specific, and usually what I loved as a child and as a student (some canned sprats, cod liver oil, etc.), the feeling is so strong that I even feel the taste in the mouth, but the desire can disappear in a few seconds and no more do I recall this product. I think it's some kind of flavouring association with those periods and events in life that Baibak is working with currently.

            Whole day enraged with human stupidity and idiocy, respectively the whole day the people around me showed only these qualities. Really hate when people do not have their brains working, and they do not even try to turn them on. The next day, there was not such aggression towards people.

            Hair in unwanted places (chin, around the nipples) has become less. They have become not so dark, they became much smaller and they grow more slowly, but yet still have.

            Continued dreams involving people from my childhood or adolescence.
            1. ksenia.golitcina 04 july 2014, 14:13 # 0
              Week 6
              Work in the sessions started with varicose veins: feet and legs up to mid-calf, like a pack of mosquitoes biting, it was painful and very itchy, barely able to stand it. At the end of the session, right hand started to itch as well.

              Noticed this morning that cellulite has almost disappeared! Hips became slimmer, even began to manifest some muscle relief (!!!), though I do not do any exercise. Cellulite can be seen only when strongly tightening the skin, and it's not the bumps and pits that were there before, just minor irregularities. Frankly, I'm shocked. I was always convinced that the cellulite was from poor nutrition and lack of physical activity, and at the most expected that the Baibak system would help me change the diet, and I'll stop being lazy to do sports, but that this effect appeared effortlessly!? Very happy with these changes and cannot believe my eyes!

              The sacrum continues to delight me. Now I can say with confidence that the 4 years of pain are left behind. Before, I could not sleep on my back on a hard bed, only on very soft (if laid down on a hard surface all the sacrum was paraclinical, and I just could not stand up), could not get out of the house and do a lot of other necessities, all accompanied by a wild pain and sometimes I just could not technically do something (to bend, stretch). Now everything is gone and I sleep on a very hard bed (almost on the boards). There is no pain, there is a long-forgotten freedom of movement. It's a miracle, I just did not believe in the reality of all these changes!

              Continue to dream about family, basically, next they get into stupid situations, and I'm trying to help them. Even dreamed that all the toilets in the house are clogged with all the consequences:-)

              Started having more sleep, for 10 hours. Attribute this to the fact that changes are taking place at an incredible rate, the body rapidly rebuilds and needs to rest.

              Noticed today that the «whiskers» that I previously struggled with, using all possible cosmetology methods, have become virtually invisible, colourless, and not as «thick». For two months I have done nothing with them. Already even wonder, «tired», I'm in a permanent state of shock at positive results from the system. Noticed by clothes that I almost ceased to slouch. Previously, clothing had already stretched over time, so that if I specifically straightened my back, the fabric sagged. Now I see that the clothing is no longer deformed, posture became straighter, and more confident gait (husband noticed).

              At night launched Baibak lying down, and almost immediately began to doze off. A few minutes later there was a very strange and interesting thing: I saw a woman lying down with eyes closed, an exact copy of myself (as in a mirror) hovering over me about 30-50 centimeters away. I saw worms protruding straight from her heart, beginning to gnaw their way out, ugly and twitching, and I thought they were going to fall on me. I was scared of this turn of events and jumped, like from a nightmare. My heart was pounding abnormally. After some time there was a very strong involuntary breath (in natural situations, I do not breathe like this), and my heart soon calmed down. After a few minutes I fell asleep.

              The next day I had a feeling of a joyous background (do not know how else to call it). I felt in me the sea of positive emotions and energy, I wanted to redo all the things that I did easily, and dancing. Feeling of incredible lightness, love and warmth in the chest.

              General feeling in the sessions this week: one of the sessions there was very sharp and severe pain first in the leg in the area of the scar, and then in the left ovary. The pain was so intense that I became ill. At one of the sessions, most of the time the heart was beating heard. Feet still hurt in the sessions, especially the soles (as if a needle sticks). Began intense work with the second and the first Energy Centres (tingling, cramps). At one of the sessions body is strongly twisted, rotating in a circle in different directions, and the like. The work went to the liver and spleen, and at the end of the session it’s as though all taken out through the chest, was unpleasant, and then assembled everything back. During the sessions, often felt the density and vibrations around.

              Mastitis for a week was exacerbated,thenalmost disappears. The same effect occurs with other sores, some with a large range, and some with less. Healing with the Baibak system resembles a little like five steps forward, then two back again, next five, etc. Overall, positive trend is maintained, but it is necessary to pass through one or more exacerbations.

              In the morning, some muscle to the right of the sacrum hurt, nervous thought that again it’s all coming back, but after a couple hours it went.

              A rash of small itchy watery pimples reappeared, but in other places. They do not appear repeatedly for one and the same part of the body. Heal as quickly. I remembered that my father had the same rash appear, but only on the hands and when very nervous.

              No longer want to practice twice a day (in this mode for a few weeks). I feel that once a day is enough.
              There was an increase in sexual desire and interest in sex.

              Dreams have become common and forgettable.

              For several days it is hard to type, letters are mixed up, skipped, swapped etc. The most interesting thingis that these minor technical problems at the level of creativity and efficiency do not interfere with work.
              Note that work goes with heels. Step was sure hard. As a consequence of thefact that I’m beginning to put the foot the foot down in a different way, heels stopped to be so coarsened, and became more rounded. Previously, they were almost square.

              Began taking money from my husband unconsciously, so to speak. Previously, it was a problem. I always had to ask permission, for a long time explaining what I needed and how much it costs, requested, argued… and as a result, my husband often denied. Now I take as much as I need to, without notice, and report what I spent. Put this fact before my husband, to which he replied: Thank God, I feel so much calmer.

              Feel some rearrangement of space around. I feel like everything is moving, changing, but at the same time a sense of calm before the storm.

              Mood periodically becomes rapidly-violent. I want to express emotions openly that surprisingly occur on the positive and without consequences.

              Have moved again into two sessions per day — so the processes are a little tougher, but more quick, which is fine with me.

              Woke up in the morning puffy and tired, the whole body hurts, as if I was beatup all night. Feeling of irritation, as if the system has reached a new level and dug even deeper. Dreamt of my father. Not hungry. For the whole day ate only a few small light sandwiches with tea. Not like me. The next morning again did not want to eat, it's just unbelievable. Usually, if I do not eat in the evening, in the morning I wake up from hunger and pounce on the food (as a teenager,would be fainting in the morning, if I did not have a heavy dinner or supper), and now even do not want to drink tea. Drink only water.Inside the wonderful feeling of lightness. 3 hours after, covered by «starvation”: abdominal sensation of menthol and tingling, head poured with lead. Then the severity moved to the frontal part, and the top of my head and neck was easy, but not for long. It's the feeling of being crushed in the head, as if the skull is drawn up (with the headthere’s a lot going on, it is impossible to describe, something twists, twirls, very strong restructuring ), appeared in the mouth the taste of blood. Breakfasted only 4 hours after awakening, and the amount of food was three times less than usual.

              Became easy to not eat, if I do not want to. There used to be a great temptation to eat something just like a machine.

              Headache has not passed, and I decided to do a session. Immediately after it wanted to bend down (hands touch the floor) with a rounded lower back (was painful again at the end of the session) — there was a painless crunching and clicking around the lower spine. So I wanted to do (bend) for the past several sessions, but today it was all right.

              Afternoon session and heaviness in the head was held, there formed almost giddy lightness throughout the body.»Scared" to go, it seems that now I’m taking off! Later in the afternoon again covered: again something happens in the mind, fatigue, abdomen began to ache as before menstruation. Again did the session: it was very rich, everything's cool inside, spun, energy went up and down, was a pain in the tendons and chest, my head was also unpleasant. At the end of the session once again the desire to bend down with a rounded lower back, although it almost did not hurt, and again there was a crunch, but just a little bit. This time, facilitation session (in the morning) was not given. I went to bed at 9 pm and slept for 11 hours. Woke up in the morning again with swollen belly, waist and abdomen did not hurt, but in my head something is still going on, are there any processes, think hard, now there is no good hard work.

              Thoughts began to materialise at the speed of light: for example, had only to think about that I want a bike to explore the village, and there the neighbour suggested (by himself!) to take his for riding at any time. And such «accidents» happen a lot.

              Teeth ache for two days, with something sweet or hot, but not as much. Technically teeth are all right, because only a week ago, visited a dentist.
              1. ksenia.golitcina 11 july 2014, 09:02 # 0
                Week 7
                The first session was nothing unusual, but then leg started to hurt very badly as if from fatigue or physical stress, at first only the foot, and then the pain came right up to the thighs. Went to bed in the morning, legs still hurt, ached, were heavy.

                There was an interesting dream: I have long walked to the beloved man, making my way through some unknown catacombs, to say that I love him, but as soon as I arrived, he was gone in the opposite direction and not allowing me to say anything. People around me are starting to persuade me to run after him and finish what I’d begun. I ran, shouting his name, first voice was hoarse, but on the tenth outcry erupted. I caught up with him, told all, and he was surprised and happy, as if waiting for my words all his life.

                Woke up a bit bouncy, but after an hour has rolled to monstrous drowsiness, but I did not go to sleep, as had already begun to do household chores.

                On the same day went to the sauna after a long break. After the third visit to the steam room covered with the familiar feeling of lightness and flight, it seemed that only conscious desire keeps me on the ground. Sorry, this feeling did not last long once again.

                Noticed that the face has a different response to the sauna: before (after a long break) it became purplish-black if steam was strong. Today this is not noticed,my face flushed, but remained fresh.
                Constantly we are working with the psyche, mind active with the sound of internal dialogues with relatives, I argued with them, something to prove — that flow cannot be stopped. Such dialogues I used to have as frequent visitors, but after a certain psychological practice (Turbo Suslik) they stopped completely, and for a long time, and only now resumed again. Dialogue is «fresh», so to speak, problematic aspects raised in them which have never surfaced before.

                To give you an example: I do not have a simple relationship with my mother in law, particularly in view of the fact that I cannot give birth to her grandchildren. The dialogue was as follows: I asked her what she can give to my children, to teach by example — why should I allow her to take part in their upbringing? The answers were not reassuring. At that time, I was finally convinced that I do not want to allow the education of my children to be influenced by the person who constantly whines, does not want to change and evolve, is suffering from disease, ripped apart by her hated work, does not do what she thinks and says, and all the time reverts to some imaginary victim in order to earn the praise of others, and so on. There is nothing good that she can teach grandchildren.

                I spent a lot of time and effort to establish relations with her, I was convinced that it is necessary, that through it will come to me the kind of force that will help to give birth, but now I think it all nonsense, because I understand that this person, her influence, will lead to the complete destruction of our lineage, transferring her outdated stereotypes which have led her to disease and a not very happy life here on after in the family tree. I've been trying to figure out from where I was sitting in such a dislike for this woman (becauseshe did not tell me anything so bad).Thought it was ego, pride, or even some of my negative qualities for this fault, but now realised that I do not dislike at all, but something like a kind of instinct of conservation (If I’ll be friends with the mother in law — I will not have children, or they will be sick. If I distance myself from her as much as possible — everything will be fine).

                Now I begin to understand what is meant by the phrase «the Baibak system helps improve relations with relatives „- they will not be perfect with the conventional wisdom, but they will be comfortable for YOU and to nobody else. This is what I came up with. Improvements in the relationship are not that you will begin to love each other (this is what I have always been waiting for, and that was my fault), but that this relationship will be comfortable for you personally, although they may become uncomfortable for the other half. For example, in my case – in-law approaching, I felt an inner discomfort (pressure, energy loss, the suppression of me as a woman, women's health deteriorated and relationship with my husband), distancing myself from her again, I felt uncomfortable, but from a sense of guilt for what was fenced off, felt sorry for her, and it badly affected on me too, although not as bad as convergence, as health improved, the relationship with my husband was getting better. Now I can distance with a light heart, I am no longer worried about her reaction to my actions (could not care less, but it's good anyway). For the first time in my life I am comfortable, I feel like a strong woman, and not a stupid, always guilty girl.

                There was a very heavy session: from the outset twisted liver, became ill, started vomiting, thought I cannot stand, I wanted to tear the liver, get rid of it, directly felt, as itpoisons the whole body and the whole life at the same time. When I was ready to burst into tears of despair, the liver subsided and by the end of the session it became easier, although this condition was far from satisfactory: continued to feel nauseated, went belching, heaviness in my side. It seemed that the skin was yellow-green, maybe just a bad electric light.
                Mood before sleep was terrible, all pissed off, looked at myself and saw only disadvantages (skin and something has gotten worse and cellulite can be seen again, and the system does not work and generally everything is bad). The night was so terrible, woke up fuming, everything annoyed me, organs inside the body “moving all around», something happened inside and it made it difficult to sleep.

                Towards morning had a dream: I was doing massage and fixing vertebrae by some outlandish technique, right cervical and lumbar.

                In the morning was a bit better, but overall still far from neutral. Began spotting (on the 16th day after ovulation). Head barely understands, it is difficult to work with. Examined myself in the morning once again from head to toe, and the disadvantages which yesterday played me up to hysterics, were not noticed: the skin is tightened and rejuvenated (especially noticeable on the face, pulled contour and eyelids), I have lost some weight (although usually before period on the contrary, I put on), improved complexion. Usually before menstruation attacked by a «feeding frenzy», this time was not. Chest a little more grown compared to the previous cycle.

                There came apathy, there is no desire to do anything, even to engage in the system. Want to lock myself in the house and not go anywhere. By the evening was really bad, heavy head… and when will this restructuring end…

                In the evening conducted a lying session before going to sleep, and the session was quite powerful. Somewhere in the middle of it, I fell asleep and woke up only at 9 am (I usually wake up several times a night, even if dreaming is good, to drink and go to the toilet).

                In the morning the mood has improved, but it was felt that the processes are not over yet and it is not necessary to interfere with them, so I continue to sit at home and communicate with others at a minimum. (A little later, I understood why I had to stay in this period at home, alone with myself and the beloved).
                Finally there was integration and awareness. Now I finally feel like an adult woman (I'm a very long time trying to come to this through many practice).Feeling like a woman came with a sense of freedom from all sorts of «caring mothers» that surrounded me all my life in various forms and guises. This is some ancient, animal-instinctive feeling of being the «main female» in the pack — this is my territory and my rules, for I am now the main, and the rest are forested. Once upon a time I heard about the hierarchy of a wolf pack: there is only one male and female, who have the right to continue to reproduce. When a young female wolf is ripe for reproduction, the main female (her mother), starts to behave aggressively with her, eventually banishing her to go and create her flock, where she will be the main. If the young wolf for some reason does not go away, then by some incredible way (maybe on an energetic level) it suppresses its main female reproductive function, and it becomes a nanny for the brothers and sisters until the next hormonal surge during the breeding season, when again the main female will try to «kick» her to an independent life. Now I feel fine about all of these natural mechanisms and understand that people are biologically indistinguishable from that of a wolf pack. Now I am calm and happy that I decided to leave and create my own flock on an energetic level. I just physically feel the boundaries of my territory and I understand that no one “left the female" here, would not dare poke. My psychological birth finally took place!

                Just somewhere dissolved all the friends (the few that remain). And I was honestly happy. Disappeared the need for women's fellowship, in the completion of the feminine energy through interactions with other women. I had heard a lot of women coaches at the time, and only now realised what nonsense these ladies bore: through communication and joint pastimes, female energy is not replenished, but destroyed. The very need for women in the women's society, women's conversations, gatherings, says that her personal feminine energy is zero, and it is a way to temporarily recharge it from other, more strong women. Now I have no such need, I do not want anybody to take anything, but also to share my energy with other women, too, I do not want. I opened my personal, suitable for just me, endless stream of female energy.

                Interestingly, all these awareness about mother, women and female energies, come to me in the beginning of menstruation.

                Afternoon session held: it was easy, smooth, a lot of work with women's organs and face. After,the liver started to hurt very strong. Generally, the work with the liver resumed with renewed vigour in the past few sessions. I come once again to the conclusion that it is closely related to the reproductive system.

                Again began cleaning the body, probably for the fourth time since working with Baibak. At nightcame the period, this is not ideal, but a small victory as earlier periods could spot for 3-4 days and then start normally. In this cycle, I can assume that the period came on the second day. Bleeding came very abundant and darker than usual. Painful, but tolerable. Saw a lot of water. Judging by menstruation, in this cycle formed very thick endometrium.Usually I have painful periods only on the day of heavy discharge, but this time the abdomen periodically ached all 5 days. But on the 6th day there was almost no spotting, I usually have long spotting.
                In the morning some rural areas were covered that are not usually irritated, some itching or something, hard to describe, but very unpleasant sensation. I did not want to do anything. No interest, feeling that I’m pulled into the familiar swamp.

                At the beginning of the sessionI saw some flashes of light before the eyes, but is very rare and short.For the first time in the last few sessions, at the end, the back does not hurt, and there was no gravity in this area. On the contrary, it is quite easy and relaxed.

                Strange condition continues, but I feel that the final integration of it is already close, and all will soon be back to normal. Today much dizziness, there was a feeling that the brain did several times a somersault in the skull, the world trembled, swam… well sitting in a chair. I think its completing the restructuring and integration taking place, just large blocks, and hence such a strong feeling, because of the previous short period had a lot of realisations and changes. Earlier there were similar feelings from the practice, but they were not as strong, and fleeting. Just wanted to sleep, and I did.

                Towards evening the beginning of a large headache. At first the pain was between the eyebrows, and then spread to the entire forehead, then temples and cheekbones. Then the pain went away into the arm (as if directly in the bone was dirty energy), and then began to hurt at the ankles, and feet after.

                Had session, very rich: a headache, a lot of work was carried out with the back (especially thoracic), the flow felt very powerfully. Strong, and sneezed once, in the chest became very hot, and work with the mammary glands, also flooded with heat. After the session, head still like cast iron, very sleepy, feeling as after a strong massage, as if all the bones and muscles are kneaded.

                Slept like a log. Never woke up to use toilet or drink water. What I dreamed, I do not remember, but somehow have the feeling that I dreamed I am a 17-year-old. The feeling was that I communicated with her, had enough of my say for the evening, and she left very pleasant emotions behind.

                Visited the idea that not all come into this life to be healthy and happy. Before, I was strictly convinced that it is the task of everyone, and very indignant when I saw that a person does not want to do anything for their health and happiness, thought these people were some inhuman monsters. Now I can safely accept this choice, even if it's a close person — it's a private matter, and they are not obliged to deal with themselves, their health and self-development, they may have quite different tasks, and they are no worse and no more important than any other.

                Shoulder joints and shoulder blades started to crack when in motion, before this was not observed, although I remember that when putting body-weight on my hands the shoulder joints would start to hurt.

                Absolutely calmly refer to products. Do not see any difference between prawns and porridge, disappeared difference that some product may be tastier, healthier or «prestigious» over another. Appetite is still normal, but in relation to the food the kind of «I want» has gone. I do not want to eat a particular product, I just satisfy hunger or thirst, and that’s all. At first, it gave a new sense of some inconvenience because it is unclear what products to buy in the shop, what to cook, etc.

                A little thin, today noticed that the old shorts, which were almost tight, look like boxerson me.

                All morning very sore left side under the ribs, had never before been bothered in this place. Then the liver started to hurt, as if out of it something pulled (it was very painful), and then the leg in the area of low tibia, so much that it was painful to tread.

                Has session, a lot of pain, the aforementioned foot hurt, the face is tingling and squeezed, pressed into the chest, as if a weight is put. After a session the foot hurts, but not as much.

                The Baibak system in some incredible way affects not only creative abilities (they increase at times), but also on the overall level of intelligence! Today my husband and I sat down to watch a show in English. The first time I tried to watch it a few months ago and knew almost nothing.Now I began to understand the general meaning, and at least 50 percent of the words (and I did not practice English all this time). Previously, it was difficult to isolate words from the mix that they say. Now I hear everything very clearly and understand about it. The effect is very interesting and striking. I have noticed a similar effect in motor skills (drawing, painting).Before, after a long break, I hardly remembered how to keep a pencil in my hand, to keep the skills lost, now I see that they are not only preserved but also improved.
                1. ksenia.golitcina 18 july 2014, 06:04 # 0
                  Week 8
                  The first session of the eighth week was enchanting. First a little background: as a child, when I closed my eyes, I often saw in front of me an imprint of slanted wolf eyes for a few seconds. As a child, for some reason this did not scare me, seemed normal, and I did not indulge in this value. Later it turned out that in my family there are certain generic transmissions that are associated with this image. So, at the beginning of this session, I again saw those eyes, then went to an internal dialogue with my father. I asked him not to disturb me, because I'm the only one who can pull all the generic transfers and pass them on (my older sister, they say, is neither fish nor fowl, and the youngest gave herself up to the church), but I can pull it, and to not throw a spanner in the works for me (though at first glance, my father does not interfere). Before I could finish the sentence, I felt that I was jerked up, I almost start to take off, or rather I just dragged up with incredible force. I was very scared, these feelings lasted about a minute, then I'm a long time to recover, and more in the session, nothing happened, but at the end hard work started with my throat. After the session, felt some lift and excitement, the anticipation of something as a child.

                  From everyday: just noticed today that has left behind problems such as flatulence and bloating, and since the first week of practice was not bothered, and now noticed just because the problem came back today, not in such a critical form, of course.

                  In the previous report forgot to mention a few changes: the husband has changed dramatically for the better, becoming independent or something, keeps track of his belongings, he can prepare himself something to eat, does not pull me on every insignificant occasion, treats me differently, a lot of praises, supports, encourages, soothes. Previously, always served, so bring, dress, pat, wash, where is it, a lot of grumbling, there was no patience with me, did not feel support when I needed it. Now I simply do not know: silently makes tea, does not ask me «what to wear» or «where are my pants,» is able to calm me down in one sentence, I feel that he was confident, I feel like a woman under his protection (previously there were moments when I thought it was me who was «the man in the house»). Changes he has undergone very smoothly and naturally, completely without my participation, and I see that he prefers himself so.

                  The next day, in the evening intestine ached, has again begun flatulence and pain in the pancreas it seems. Sometimes pierced with sharp pain right in the middle of the sides to the navel, especially hurting somewhere in-between. I go to the toilet for a little bit, but often. I forgot to mention one not entirely pleasant thing has long been noticed, with heavy use of the bodily or psychological level, stool and urine are simply unbearable in smell. Of course, it is normal that they do not smell of roses, but these days it is simply awful. Helps to drink plenty of water during this period — 2-3 litres per day.

                  Skin deteriorated slightly, direct flow of fat and becomesdirtier faster than usual. Feeling that all deposits of «shit», which sat in its depth, gradually creep out, all the pimples that did not clean at one time coming to the surface, one can see that they are very old, have a very yellow or dark tone.

                  Next session was very calm, shallow,small and pointed work, strong feelings covered the feet, when the session had ended, and I started writing a diary — had a lot of tingling, they just were on fire.
                  Only now remembered the day before came very strong odour from the chair, I felt a bad smell everywhere (some mouldy stuff, the smell of decomposition), asking all day of those who had been around in these moments — nobody but me felt anything.

                  Again nowthe smell of some rotten fish, and it seems that the smell is from me.Apparently went very powerful purification. Thirsty like crazy.

                  Day went well, but the night was terrible, all the time waking up, very painful feet, first from the hips to the knees, then the knees, they were heavy, buzzing, whining. Mixed with regularawakenings, had a nightmare, about some drunkard, first just swearing under the windows, then trying to enter the house.It was very scary and not always able to distinguish dream from reality — getting up to check whether anyone has actually climbed into the house. I'm really afraid that some drunk will penetrate the house at night, apparently work was carried out with these fears.

                  Nearly the whole next day, I was not myself. Occasionally, sharply, was laying with weakness and apathy.
                  Already a couple of days began belching, and sometimes even becomes bitter in my throat. Periodically strongly begin to sneeze.

                  Relationship with my husband all improved, although without this aroused the envy of many. Now, for example, instead of «bring me tea,» he says, «but could you not make me some tea?» Previously, I was a little offended by the commanding tone (I strained at the lack of choice, like I’m pressed against the wall), and now it has disappeared, and I have not been making any effort. Now sometimes I can tell my husband «no» or «wait», and do not feel blame and resentment in response to the fact that I did not fulfil his request immediately. I feel and see that respect from the husband to me has grown, he considers my opinion, respects my privacy and the right to choose.

                  Sessions continue to be very calm and smooth, sometimes for a long time, nothing happens. Basically, work is underway with the legs and varicose veins.

                  Evening, have not been able to sleep, felt a strong tension in the head, neck and shoulders, could not lie down comfortably. This tension has always been there, but now I'm starting to feel it so clearly. Terribly angry.

                  During the day there is an interesting effect, first tingling in the uterus (quite a pleasant feeling), then an hour later, when I was sitting in the classroom for language,muscles in my legs began convulsively shrinking for no apparent reason (especially the muscles of the inner thigh), legs twitching very strongly and involuntarily. Somewhere else, within an hour rose aggression, something in the vagina beginning to hurt very much (sharp pain, something shoots, then as if a knife cut straight along the walls). Even after some time pain in liver hurts very much for a long time, with an unpleasant bulging and pulsation.Headache, then chest. Surprised by such an effect on the body level, while my recent work is very smooth and almost imperceptible.

                  Morale is impossible to describe, I cannot really do anything, as if I was floating in space (a bit like the state, when a few days in a row do not sleep in session, the state of unreality). Plus irritability. This went on for two days, it was too heavy. In this state, could only play computer games, which were last opened more than two years ago.

                  Again went more powerful sessions, particularly the first half. Feel the usual: tingling, pain here and there, there were many painful sensations in the hand.

                  Began to notice that cervical and thoracic spine hurt (did not think I had problems with it), I feel like everything is moving and rebuilt, periodically between the shoulder blades is starting to burn outside of sessions.

                  Incredibly hate all the dirt around, all the old and broken, and as luck would have, only come across it and the shower in the sauna leaks, dirty pool, the sauna too is dirty, and I hate most of all that nobody cares. No one wants to raise their ass and screw the light bulb or clean the pool. For many of my «problems», in the end it is the problem of brazen ladies who are full of themselves, but I am not writing to persuade the tragedy of the dirty pool, but simply to describe my reaction.

                  The level of anger at female idiocy is through the roof, the feeling of PMS in the «good old days» when I would blow other people’s minds, though period just ended 4 days ago. Started to eat a lot of chocolate, there are clearly some incredible hormonal changes.

                  Yeah, I noticed that I have changed shape, a wasp waist, and generally figure became more attractive. Previously, even at times when I was very skinny, my waist was shown only by wider hips, torso itself was rectangular, and now the silhouette of the torso became more like a triangle pointing down. Torso even more thin, even steel ribs visible.

                  Today called attention to the toenails: now are the middle of the industry standard, even and white, before used to be yellow and wavy. Border can be seen very clearly.

                  Frequent tightening of goosebumps on the thighs, legs, lower back and lower abdomen. Discomfort in the vagina, as if something gets out reluctantly, painfully, and clinging to the wall. Strong tingling in the thighs.
                  Towards evening there was a desired flurry of activity, irritation and apathy finally left, I wanted to clean up around the house, especially in the corners and cluttered closets, throw out or give away unnecessary things, to sort clothes, get rid of junk. Impeding the realisation that in the house there are things that I do not like or I do not use. Have energy for all these manipulations. During clearing, saw a huge cockroach, caught it, killed it. This feature of cockroaches I often have when I rake the old deposits in the head (cockroaches living there, beginning to climb and even appear on the physical plane). Prior to this, a cockroach in the house was last seen six months ago.

                  Evening session went another way, all the work has concentrated exclusively on the physical, the work was focused and methodical. After the session, terribly thirsty, tongue stuck to the sky,parched mouth.
                  Today I feel quite good, though under the eyes are sunken terrible bruises. I forgot to mention that the second night a lot of sleep (10-11 hours). Again began to dream speaking dreams, but not as bright as before, and global — we are working with smaller problems.

                  Today checking vision, it has improved. Truly last checked eyesight five years ago (two years ago, took off my glasses, I felt that they made the eyes deteriorate more), during which time I was practicing Turbo Suslik. It's hard to say for sure whether the vision is improved by Baibak practices or not, but in the sessions Baibak clearly worked with vision. So, before the right eye was -1.5, -1.75 left, now right -1, -1.5 left. There was astigmatism, but I do not remember how much, too, have now astigmatism in both eyes 1.25.

                  Forgot to write about urinary function (husband noted) — it stopped hurting, I do not get up at night several times, used to be unpleasant and burning desire. After urination, too, was very unpleasant. Somehow covered by this always at night. Now all gone, I sleep well and wake up to use the toilet just before dawn, normal urination. Yes, I do not remember whether written in the past diaries, but there was a period (literally two nights) when I woke up from a full bladder, went to the toilet andwhen urinating had severe pain. This happened several times during the night. After that, it did not bother me in any way. On the last day of the week did not carry out a full session, just lying in bed before going to sleep. This was the first time in nearly two months.
                  1. ksenia.golitcina 25 july 2014, 08:41 # 0
                    Week 9
                    The first session was very quiet, almost nothing happened. But after the session came to my husband, the sex was wonderful. I felt that we penetrate into each other. Felt the unity not only physically, and not as before (each in themselves). After sex, told my husband about observations, I noticed that he was open to me, to which he replied: «Of course, now I feel like I’m having sex with a real person.» Laughed. I once was sure I was «the man», and that my husband was like a robot.

                    Terrible philosophical thoughts came in my head about the changes, and how hard it is for us to accept them, and most lousy, it's hard to understand for ourselves what we need.The worst thing in all of this is that you realise that you have something wrong only after you are cured. I finally came out of the endless ass. Until then, you perceive yourself and your situation as absolutely normal, it's all the other fools, but in fact you stand up to your neck in shit. Terrified by the thought that a person can literally choke in their own shit, but not aware of even a gram, and only after you climb, you understandin what «resort» you have spent all this time. Now I feel all over, I got out from another cesspool.

                    More and more I like myself, bolder and more often wear a dress that would not have dared to wear before. Now my hair stands on end that some styles I could accept as «too feminine» — the wildness of some sort. Now I do not just wear sexy feminine dresses, but with comfort (!!!) they go. I think every woman is faced with the fact that wearing a beautiful dress, they begin to behave stiffly, they are uncomfortable in it –there are more than I who have this feeling. I can wear any style perfectly (regardless of my figure) and feel at ease. Just because I am a woman, I dress femininely, rather than the dress making me feminine, and I can feel it all over the skin!

                    Began to lay a new protest at blood relatives: I do not want to see or hear them. In my head, «I hear their voices» about how they are not happy with me, my way of life, behavior that I am not like all the rest of the family, and how I dared to stop calling them to check how they are doing and report how are things with me, and that what I'm doing is bad and ungrateful. In response to these attacks the sound of my own voice in my head: leave me alone, I'm a free woman, I don’t have to be anything, and you should be too free, adults who do not need to check and ask all the time how are you doing.Do something for their own lives and then they will have no interest in someone else’s. In fact, this argument goes for me for several years, both in my head and in real life with relatives, then it dies down, then rises, but a comfortable solution I could not find for myself. The guilt is eating, sitting in my head. I should like relatives, and accept (probably got the idea from some esoteric publications). In the head sits the idea that all of these calls and control have no relation to the love and care, and are not their confirmation. Something is not clean in this whole story, and I still cannot figure out what it is.

                    All day feeling that I'm rusty on the system, though like working on. The skin became worse (rash appeared), somehow slowed down the process, etc. Analyzed: Well, of course, I stand, only once a day for a week! Somehow, unbeknownst to me, was cunningly… an ego… I did not even notice the reduced frequency of sessions. All right, now hold on, do not be fooled.

                    Forgot to mention that in one of the previous sessions some water ran down from the sinuses on the inner wall, and immediately left nostril began to breathe differently. Now the right, compared to it,is completely clogged, and I had been breathing?! Periodically, the feeling that the air in the nose meets some obstacle, nostrils alternate with each other, one breathes better than the other. In general, I'm glad work with nose has started.

                    Conducted a session after realising that I put balls on the system and my ego has me again… well, you understand. The session was good. In the beginning, I wanted to ask someone for forgiveness,it’s not clear for what I asked, not with words, but my heart or something. Further work has been with the chakras. An hour after the session was covered by a strong and sharp pain somewhere in the region of the stomach, just slightly to the right, under the ribs, went belching (asked my husband who says it's gall).The pain did not go for about half an hour, and I decided to embark on a session again. After reciting the passphrase immediately started throbbing in the sore spot, it lasted about 30 seconds, then in the place of pain came a feeling of lightness which lasted the entire session. In general, the session was very intense, a lot of work was carried out with the hands, back, head, neck. After the session, the pain came back, but now I feel like it first increases and then falls off in chunks, down somewhere, and disappears. There comes that feeling of lightness, which was in the session, then again increases the pain, and again and again. As a result, gradually the pain subsided and I lay down to sleep, already in a perfect state of health. I recommend everyone to do sessions during bouts of pain or any relapse! Do not wait until poor health will take place, use the system, because it is therapeutic, do not forget.

                    Husband noticed that my skin color changed completely. It used to be yellow-green (it's me since childhood), and now the color is quite a normal, not pale pink, of course, but quite a pleasant and even colour.
                    Yeah, my eyes began to clean, coming out of them some yellow stuff that clumps or pellicle (a thin film), a bit like a very mild conjunctivitis (I was often ill with them as a child). Especially in the mornings it is a lot. There are no signs of inflammation or infection of the eye.

                    Skin continues to flow fat, especially the face, neck and shoulders. Rashes appear, but I notice that they are not new, but the same old, lurking. Many small rashes appeared around the lips.

                    Dreamed in the night on sexual subjects, clearly working on any problems like: can/cannot; dirty/decent/vulgar and others.

                    Happy again a little twisted bile, literally for a couple of seconds and it did not disturb me more.
                    Second day chest aches, there are small signs of ovulation (in the sense on the right ovary), but until ovulation has occurred, it is a little bit late compared to the previous two cycles. I think the reason is that for almost a week I was twiddling my thumbs (held one session per day instead of two).

                    Recently, a very sore back between the shoulder blades, especially when I stand for a long time to do my dishes, I want to go for a massage, but it does not add up. By evening, the pain can cover the entire back, in such cases, spend a session lying down (the third in the day).

                    Sessions are fast and interesting: a lot of experiences in different parts, a very wide scope of work, just cannot remember. Sensations are the same as in the previous sessions: sore arms, legs, spider runs across the face, the last couple of sessions, it became not that bad, but somehow hard to stand. Move a lot, especially the hips. Usually from yawning a little watery eyes, and now straight tears welled up in my right eye, and so unexpected that I was even frightened.

                    Relationship with my husband continues to improve, although it seems that there is no place better. Now just some second honeymoon. So much love and tenderness towards him woke up in me, and the feeling is mutual. He is very gentle and caring and I want to take care of him free of charge, without any ulterior motives and benefits.

                    Skin, despite the rash and increased fat, continues to get younger and catch up, it becomes elastic. Ass very noticeably tightened, became rounded, and this despite the fact that I lost weight (without Baibak, I'm sure it would have sagged and became flat, this had already happened). Do not do any exercises and almost ceased to use creams and lotions.

                    There was a rough night- Behold, I’m 15 years old and I'm with another group of teenagers frolicking in the sea, then, for no apparent reason I begin to sink (not on purpose, kind of like a game as such) and kept under water almost to the end point (death), so repeated several times, andafter I cannot stand and go complain to my father, for the rest of my friends my age, announce a boycott because I snitched (I am, they say, not completely self-dependent and cannot decide my own problems without daddy). Woke up — all the muscles ache from stress and fatigue, as if really drowned all night, and I struggled.

                    During the night several times woke up, I felt nauseous, and not only in the stomach, but in the head. Very indignant in my sleep: how is it so, this whole «bunch of trainings held,» «Turbo Suslik-designed» and yet feel nauseous from the sessions as some newbie?! I felt like Baibak does not spare my «favorite» pride and self-importance.

                    Three sessions per day –there are certainly awesome, powerful processes.

                    Already in the afternoon I remembered that the same night was covered with the sensations in my mouth, as if the teeth chew on rubber.Teeth are very cramped and I did not accept the feeling, then I realised that it came from my childhood, that my mother fed me almost never from the breasts, and a nasty feeling that it's left from the nipple and bottle. Still remembering these rubber teething products, strong tension in the jaw. Just such a state covered me once during the next session.

                    High amount of psychological changes occur, do not have time to include them in a diary, all the changes are perceived as self-evident and natural, and immediately forgotten what exactly has changed.

                    At the evening session, a lot of work with head, there was a feeling that the nape dissolves into something like the peacock's tail. Was powerful work with the entire chakra system.

                    The next day, head a little bit dizzy or something rebuilt, it is not clear.

                    Ovulation came on day 15 of the cycle (later than the previous two cycles, but still not bad, it is also the norm, apparently came later because I was “mooching” a bit before).

                    Has a session in the morning — it was one of the most powerful sessions of all time with the Baibak system! All feelings I cannot describe: conducted very powerful work with lower chakras and the head. My «feathers» that had grown out the last time, increased in size and their ends have become golden. The session was almost staggering.

                    All morning very hard, and not exactly beating heart, but was able to hold the session in the afternoon only (was driving).I came and saw that there was an announcement on the website that the system was improved, decided to immediately try and compare experiences. In the session was a lot of work with total energy: lined up, corrected, the work was big waves and big parts of the body. Heart troubled like «crazy» during the session, already several times boomed up to the throat, and a couple of times to the navel, gurgled, felt a very strong ripple. Very severe pain in abdomen, or twisted intestine, or burned, and worked with the women's organs, sometimes there was a feeling that I was about to have to run to the bathroom, but before that it did not come. At the same session, there was almost no impact point (only at the end, just the last two minutes). All work was carried out globally, in general. I like the overall set up as a whole, and not just a change of the worn keys and strings. After the session, the feeling in the lower abdomen began to gradually weaken, the heart also slowly beginning to calm down. By the evening I was completely normal.
                    Yeah, forget to write all for a second day, pain on the right foot hurts, whether the tendon or the muscle,as ifit’s pulled, first the pain was only felt when walking, now sometimes shoots even when just sitting. The feeling of breaking some stuck energy. But on this leg veins decreased. Pain completely gone after 3 days since the time of its occurrence.

                    Evening session on the new algorithm, the system was quite enchanting: the flow has become incredibly dense, and now, if it wants me to tilt, it does it very clearly, it is almost impossible to resist its power. From the first seconds, a huge bowl lights up, with its epicenter in the heart chakra. Immediately heart started pounding, and strongly aches, it lasted about five minutes. Then there was a wave of very strong tingling all over my body from top to bottom. Again there was powerful and hard to describe work with the head. Then there was a lot ofvery clear pointsof sense, but now felt that even at this point the work is part of a whole process. At the end, covered by an incredible thanks to the energies that work with me. Heart after the session was immediately calmed down and went to sleep, I was already with the normalised rhythm.
                    Day went well, once heart ached, as in the session, but the heartbeat was normal.

                    Did not hold an afternoon session, and the evening was as follows: the flow was as dense,even though lying down. With such a flux density had almost no twists, just shakes sometimes. Had a lot of tingling, often flew away in unnecessary reflections, but when I «came to myself», saw that the work is powerful and as usual, my participation in it is not required. At the end of the session bent over, nicely crunching whole lumbar spine and sacrum. The whole session very sore feet (drained a huge amount of dirt), so strong and painful feelings I had only when I’d just takento Cosmoenergy.

                    Forgot to mention that for three days bloating has appeared, especially during the sessions, but it is interesting that this happens without any pain and discomfort in the gut, without the stress of some.
                    Due emotional state: there was some impatience, I want more of a drive from the system, more speed, I want to change by leaps and bounds.

                    By the way, before I came to this idea, I noticed that I am not afraid of speed (my husband and I ride the motorbike). I've always been a coward, and I do not go more than 60 km/h, and my husband drives 110 even with me behind his back. I was always afraid of this, I felt like my whole body tenses in «anticipation» of something bad. And today I got a great pleasure from the trip and speed, I was not afraid, there never appeared the different negative thoughts about the consequences of dashing away. I felt my body was one with this high-speed stream, with my husband and motorbike together, we raced as a whole.

                    As has long been noticed, but forgot to write, the wildlife began to respond differently to me: wild animals somehow did not start to notice me or something, as if I merged with nature. Previously, I had only to look at some lizard or a wild squirrel, and they would be running away from me at a high speed. And now they can potter about a meter away from me and not notice that I am watching them. Now children started to look at me very intently, with great curiosity, especially the new borns.

                    In the day hold only one session, night sessions started lying. Immediately the work went very powerfully, hands burned and pricked, around the second minute I was fast asleep — for a second I passed out, and only woke up at 7 am, then fell asleep again and got up only at 9.

                    Woke up incredibly swollen, as if in the week was a drinking bout. Noticed that it swells more when I drink less water during the day. It is necessary to begin to monitor the amount of water. Morning session was very gentle but strong. Hands felt stabbed and burned, the back was hard, but in the second half of the session, but the foot did not hurt at all now. The mood is excellent.
                    1. ksenia.golitcina 01 august 2014, 16:02 # 0
                      Week 10
                      At the beginning of practice in Baibak «saw» that to write a review I will practice just 10 weeks, rather than two calendar months as required by the Agreement, it seemed to me correct. So it is assumed that this is the final week.

                      I will continue to write diary posts, and certainly will not give up the practice.

                      Sessions this week are interesting, but not strong. Conducted small-scale works, the feeling came over me, over my body, of work, something like a swarm of bees or ants, or even something small with collective intelligence, very positive. Work has gone into places that previously did not have any feelings, but in the old places too, «poking around».

                      Happily covered with severe pain in the gut, it twisted and spasmed, over the whole place were cramps, pain lasted for a few seconds to a few repetitions. Then everything went.

                      Later in the afternoon began to come the different sensations of adolescence, bright emotions surfaced, status, music.

                      In the evening,Baibak walked around my favorite places, first started working with the left ovary (it hurt), and then stabbed in the vagina and it seemed to me that there went a bad smell, then stabbed at the liver (very long ago it does not manifest itself in the sessions, this afternoon and last night ached a bit), and then the hip began to turn in circles, but not normally, and with a large shift to the left, the hips stopped twisting and got a dose of tightening tingling around the left thigh and the fanny, again stabbed in the vagina and ovary, and then went round with a bias to the right side, and again at the end of the rotation a dose of tingling. At this, the session has been completed.Even before the session, began to feel slight irritation at men, after the session irritation it is still left. I would like to be alone, and to be left alone.

                      Night session. Very sleepy, but spent the session standing and not lying as usual. It seems that a couple of times fell asleep, if not dense flow — probably would have fallen. Session do not remember, because was very sleepy and went to bed soon after. I remember that there was strong work with face.

                      At night, woke up from that terribly sore left shoulder (it bothers me sometimes at night, especially when lying on the left side and it is rested in the mattress), but I woke up in pain lying on my back. The pain was very strong and strange, bones really ached, but wanted to sleep more, and I'm off. Had a dream that I was standing on the shore of the Black Sea, on the observation deck in the winter… in a feather bed… and the waves of the sea are so strong that they covered my head, even on the observation deck, and I have to dive, and swim a little bit in the ice-cold water, mixed with snow and ice, so that when the tide goes back, I still remained on the parapet. For a long time I was so rinsed, and then I hit upon the idea to go to the glassed-in observation deck and took a long look at these beautiful icy waves that enveloped all and anything they touched, a crust of ice. Such dreams about waves play to me often, but it’s the first time they were «winter waves».

                      Morning session.Was very interesting and delicate work, even afraid to breathe, «not to frighten away.» First,a stream down from the top and filled the entire back, for a long time there was work periodically going down to the stomach. Covered in gratitude for this work, and I did not understand specifically what kind of job it was. Stood at Baibak, did not wobble. Then pain in shoulder, which bothered at night. I saw the picture: my joint and the bone plastered with some red-brown trash, sticky and viscous, the picture seemed so vile that I drove it out of my head,it was so unpleasant to look at it (the same feeling occurs when films dramatically show some dismemberment in detail). Then it went to work with my head, with the top. After, strong work went with my left breast, she has long burned and was filled with something. It is clear knowledge that I now need to hold three sessions, standing, and even when it's time. Was working with the face, directly pointing to the location of the rash, which unfortunately, is there.

                      Afternoon: I am being sausaged in no childish way, labile mood, awakening the “General” in me — want to command that all obey me and crawl to my feet. The benefit of all of this took place in comic form, and quickly let go. There was a strong burning sensation in the middle of the chest, lasted quite a long time and was repeated several times.

                      Daytime session was very enjoyable. As soon as the flow went, again came information about when I need to hold the next session (just a clear time), it's interesting, it's something new.

                      Today in the hands and feet and around, the mixed hot and cold energy, it was nice.

                      Sweeping from top to bottom, right through the left ovary and outer labia. Legs feel something clearly «crawling», aching shoulder and stabbing in the uterus at the end.

                      An hour after the session again started to burn right in the center of the chest, very painful, not even a clear light or cut with something sharp, as if something wants to explode from the inside, some incredible temperature. It lasted quite a long time.

                      Forgot to mention, 3 days ago, spilled on my foot scalding water (and well spilled), and on the relatively fresh scar (the skin is still quite soft) and NOTHING, absolutely nothing! No pain (only for the first 2 minutes, and then not strong), or redness, much less burning. I do not even know how to understand it… so as far as I experienced Cosmoenergy, and then speculated, and immediately after the incident did not hold a session, held it a few hours later.

                      Small pimples on the shoulders and the top of the forearm, in the 4th Energy center all continues to burn, ache, and throbbing left ovary.

                      Evening session: it was a powerful cleaning in the legs and genitals, have worked with the liver. Somewhere in the middle of the session, I felt the difference between my two halves — left and right. The left was a white cloud, a large, light, luminous, all obstacles that were uneasy, were passed through and did not leave any traces, and the right was small, heavy, preloaded, black and shiny, like armor. Asked how to get rid of this armor, asked for help. In response to this the armor began to disappear, but under it were dresses and costumes of the Victorian era, worn on top of each other (men's suits and women's dresses). I take them off one by one, but they did not become less.I saw dresses periodically mixed with the armor, though the armor had not been so black. I realised that this process will go for a long time and in one session does not end, but was very happy that it is started. By the end of the session the right side was no longer so thick, just stood there as if in a very dense black shadow, but it was no longer iron armor!

                      System has revealed an incredibly cool thing: you can send a request for when it is best to hold the next session, and you are answered. Practice for the second day, and a very interesting turn: ask (do not even ask, but just a query), and the answer comes. The timing sometimes comes quite uncomfortable for me (I already have plans that I cannot move), but the most interesting is when it is appropriate as «designated by the system» for sessions, all the cases evaporate, meetings, etc. are transferred, so it is interesting that the time between sessions varies (for example yesterday I received information that it is necessary to conduct 3 sessions: 10 am, 1 pm and 8 pm, and 11 am today, 8 pm and 11 pm). Processes occur organically, if you listen to the system, and I can feel it.

                      During the day there were a lot of emotions with low vibrations (anger, rage, hatred), explicit work was with the second and especially the first Energy Centers — aggression, anger, irritation, and just wanted to kill some people (as usual for stupidity and irresponsibility — my favorite topic). In the evening there was much weakness in the body — I wanted a hefty steak, and a glass of beer. I was not able to conduct the session, I confess, but in the afternoon did session lying, energy moved and almost immediately fell asleep. Slept for about an hour.

                      Rose in the morning, casually looked in the mirror and saw that the skin in the region of the sacrum is very red (just 10-15 centimeters spot). No rash, just red,and the place is very different in temperature from the rest of the body — very hot. Redness lasts for several hours, though not so bright, the heat is retained. Morning session: the frequencies were very persistent today, felt a strong energy that was trying to stuff shit inside of me and make his way, hurt liver, somewhere in the middle of a session suddenly began vibrations and the entire torso shakes, all the organs inside, shoulders and forearms, and this vibration remained until the end of the session. Thoughts came about people suffering from Parkinson's, remembered that the sister of my grandfather (on my mother's side) was suffering from this disease.Just went to work with the right ovary, I felt that I had an incredible tensionmy abdominal muscles, a conscious effort to relax or to have failed, sometimes it turns out to relax just for a split second, immediately began to feel sick and dizzy, and pressure immediately stiffened again.

                      Somehow unconsciously held two sessions, completely forgot about the morning. Diary not immediately recorded and already do not remember. I remember there was a very strong work on the nose (heated tingling, etc.), but it was never cleaned. Even began to appear periodically the self-image as a whole, and not divided into two halves, but only sometimes.Divided image is also coming, although the division is not so clear. Noticed that I started to feel the right and left half of the body are the same, before it seemed that the right is somehow less (shorter arm, leg, and chest in the right than the left).

                      Evening session: very much was pulled up directly behind the top of the head, as if someone was dragging, straightens my shoulders, even felt that the clavicle pulls, pull the entire spine. Generally started to feel my bodybetter, such as deeper or something, sometimes covers that I feel it straight to the last bone, until its center. The body has become a mother or something, not so alien and naughty as before.

                      Periodically want to be alone, a couple of days just to sit in a closed house, deal with myself, and not see other people, even mirrors to be removed. A very strange feeling, hard to describe, it is full of some kind of melancholy, and not hatred to mankind, as before.

                      How aggravating it all is, that somehow with aggression, tears, tantrums, just all aggravations, I can no longer tolerate, or is it even clear that I suffer? And endure aggravations. Acne worsened greatly, mood below zero, I'm upset at the state of my skin, very tired of the rash, no more forces to fight them. I do not want to work. Even idleness gives me no pleasure at all, there is no pleasure from life. The body continues to flow fat, greasy hair, too, all the next day, after washing. No strength and energy, there is some inexplicable longing for the lost opportunities (some features are not clear) and a wasted power. All very strange and messy, all for some plastic, do not know how else to describe the whole world and I'm some in some kind of vile film that does not breathe. And would yell, cry, but no sense, feelings too, some plastic. The abomination…

                      Entire morning session, first tried to ask the system to deliver me from those nasty rashes on the face, and then tried to appeal to the skin, but as if to no avail. As if I had no one that wants to listen, does not believe me, not believe me sincerely, as if I did not sincerely forgive, and play or some selfish purposes. Very tired of this.

                      Lies just unreal, anger, rage, contempt, hatred — all rolled into one, and have no desire or strength to contain the influx of these emotions. Went into the shower, I wanted to clear my head. First stood under the hot water, but when I started to rinse head with cold water, I realised what I need. I could almost see the energy dirt on my skin, something sticky and black and a clear understanding that the hot water does not wash it off. Beginning to direct water at the particularly «dirty» places — shoulders, stomach, hips and helped to wash by hand. This procedure brought strong relief.

                      Within an hour I was smiling and was able to explain to people, without bloodshed, many things.
                      During the evening session, I «decided» to keep up with the girls and also began charging: I bent over and stretched several times, and each time it seemed to me, I became taller and thinner. Hips twisted very hard and intensely bent down again, my body is very pleased to seek a balance in all sorts of eccentric positions, really want that this will not be repeated. Body will understand how to stretch, bend, straighten up (a bit like the feeling in DMD, but without breath, as you shall process, and you cannot stop). After this charge, I feel very serious redistribution of energy, it is a uniform flow throughout the body. I feel somewhere pain and tingling. The mood is quite vigorous.

                      Evening, looked at myself in the mirror, and again I did not know I've changed. Though now there are aggravationsof the lesions, BUTfor the first time I saw through all these spots -myself, my face. I seriously used to think that I am not, thatthere's only those nasty pimples thatI could look at, or in periods of severe exacerbations it seemed to me I even forgot the look of my face. Re-read… I do not know if anyone will understand me…

                      Still noticed that the level of women's power grew, men pay attention, embarrassed at the sight of me, blushing when I refer to them. Feel smoother, more graceful, fluid and feminine, do not even know how to describe this feeling. Some inner willingness to accept at any time the men's aid, compliment, etc. Something of a favor to men appeared.

                      Did not hold morning session, made only in the late afternoon. Was again working with the hips and this time I noticed that the circles and ovalswhich they describe are irregular and angular, sometimes I «go crazy» and it slows down at the corners, the movement did not go smooth. It was very strong, at the same time pleasant and unpleasant tingling sensation in the lower abdomen, and gratitude then, as if something has gone that was very wrong.Another interesting point, all I forget to write, I began to feel the bottom of the intestines! For me, it's an incredible change, I felt it only to a certain place (two fingers below the navel), and then it is not there at all, though in my head and understanding of biology of course I remember that it's there. And one night I felt it all the way there and all his work. I was very happy. Today too lazy to write a diary.Just so good. No matter what.