personal energocorrection system

Loracleo (33)

Decided to try this system for the following reasons:
1. Allergies — skin rushes from all sorts of drinks and food, also on pats and dust
2. For the past year developed pigmentation spots on the top part of my legs (laser treatments are not really helping). Spots are spread from knee to top buttom, but nowhere else.
3. in the past 5 month developed 9 sm size fibroid on uterus.
4. Dark circles under/top of the eyes.Had this for many years but now its more visible.
5. Skin body herpes coming every couple of month. Skin blisters sometimes leaves scars.

27/12 — First session of Baibak system. Headache and diarrhoea as first symptoms.
27 december 2014, 16:35  Vik Public Diaries 0   32 +2

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  1. Vik 27 december 2014, 17:49 # 0
    27/12 12:29am- after first session later on i felt my whole back was hot (high temperature). realise of gases every minute,snizzing — hayfever.
    1. Vik 28 december 2014, 15:55 # 0
      Done another 4 sessions — 2 standing, 1-sitting,1 — lying. One of the sessions used different music.
      Today i felt like my face cleaned up from signs of allergy also noticeable shiny thicker hair. During the session felt heavy pain in the back right under shoulders, tingling hot feeling on my fit as well as palms.
      1. Vik 29 december 2014, 09:35 # +1
        today i felt bait annoyed anxious emotionally, annoying neighbours talking very loud, ppl in shopping centre all to close, mum talking non stop:) its like I'm waiting for tomorrow as something better will come but not today.
        did a session in the morning lying and another one during the day. As usual heavy hot feet, sore back in one spot and today was hard to breath like something in my chest.
        1. Vik 30 december 2014, 02:28 # +1
          done session lying with a music. today I'm feeling energised. usually i sleep long hours today woke up early and ready to roll:) i do feel better to run the program without any music in total silence, this way i concentrate on feeling my body and any processes that are happening.
          1. Vik 01 january 2015, 10:22 # +1
            another 3 sessions on 31 and 2 on 1st oh Jan, emotionally felt happy for coming new year celebration with friends (its was much better then last year:)) Physically, had spike of allergy and some rush all over my legs… going to continue with another 2 sessions for today.
            1. Vik 03 january 2015, 16:09 # +1
              ran another 3 session per day in the last 2 days. Started to get sore back and pressure in my chest. Looks like work is getting done on my heart charka. Sore/pressure on the back even after the session finished.
              1. Vik 06 january 2015, 01:15 # +1
                an interesting thing happened today during my morning session. I woke up and noticed my mum turned the tv on and even its not loud but it didn't give me to get my 20 minutes sleep before i have to get up to work. Then i had a memory flash about the time when we leaved in small flat and tv was turned on every morning about an hour before i needed to wake up. strong feeling of hate came out and how i couldn't say anything and was always lying in bed listening same morning program and couldn't sleep. I love my sleep and any interruption makes me very angry but i don't say anything. i guess this strong feeling of hopeless situation which was very nerve wreaking was sitting in me for many years.hmmm…
                1. Vik 06 january 2015, 16:43 # 0
                  after morning realisation i wasn't having the best day. Noticed that herpes spots appearing on my hand, later i had glass of red wine and played with friends cat and got the allergy/hayfever reaction on my face/neck. Im going to run 3 sessions now to reduce effects and allergy attack. main thing is not to give up.
                  1. Vik 10 january 2015, 03:59 # 0
                    today i noticed my spots on legs are getting smaller and lighter:)
                    1. Vik 14 january 2015, 16:06 # 0
                      been doing 3 sessions per day regular. nothing to report so far. bait irritated mood,rushes come and go.
                      1. Vik 21 january 2015, 13:40 # +1
                        for the past week my allergy got worse, have rushes on my neck and hands. while doing session thinking about my life a lot, some events on the weekend brought some angry feelings without a reason, trying to sort it out. mood swinging from happy to angry. weekend got reaction on the dog we travelled with (as per usual). so going through some nasty period.
                        1. Vik 03 february 2015, 11:25 # +1
                          for the past 2 weeks some changes:
                          1. lost a lot of weight, decided to have soup every day as a main meal, looking much skinnier
                          2. for the past 2 weeks had some disagreement with close friends, trying to sort what bother me so much with some of members of the group. Once during the session it brought strong feeling of anger and upset. seems like i remembered staying in hospitals for some long time and not seeing my parents, as a child i was always scared they will leave me and never come back. working through some resentment issues during sessions, which brought more clarity on issue with friends or my personal issues.
                          I remembered that i always have this strange unsetelling feeling when i see lockers and smell hospital/kinder garden food. still trying to work out why… perhaps cause i was always close to my mum and first tim she left me at the kinder garden for the whole day set some strong negative feelings… again about parents leaving me… I'm very independent now but can't help to wonder why can't commit to relationship. don't trust, scared to be left?....not sure…
                          will continue on session, i run 4 when i need more clarity.
                          1. Vik 10 march 2015, 13:50 # +1
                            for the past 2 days i keep seeing very clear dreams, they all about escaping, running away.2 night ago i was escaping some kind of brothel, didn't want to be part of that kind of activities i felt very hard need to do anything to escape this place. it seems that i was quite successful in it. last night — it felt like i was with group of ppl who i was protecting including my mum from some kind of aliens. i had a gun, which stop working and enemy almost broke doors and invaded the room with ppl, they came to my room with my mum and left an errow in my ankle which should've killed us, but i took it out, grabbed my mum and the gun and started out escape attempt, there was a lot of ppl around trying to do the same, every gun i got wasn't working, but i still felt like a hope and running with mum mum away. then i woke up. i wonder what these dream meant…