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Sarah Jackson, 29 years old (2 months of practice)

2 month review
I have just completed 2 months of practicing the Baibak system, and so it is time for my review. To be honest, there are far more changes that have happened than I can recall to include in this review. Some have been monumental, some more subtle. I have tried to include everything that I can remember, that I have noticed, but it would be fair to say that the practice has positively changed many more things than are mentioned here.

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Ksenia Golitcina, 30 years old (2 months of practice)

This review is translated from a Russian-speaking member of the group.

Reviewed 2 months of practice

After 10 weeks of practice, it is time for me to come and write a review. The mood today is very quiet and smooth, great for writing a balanced review based only on facts.

First impressions of the book and the Baibak system
The first thing that caught my eye – it’s too easy. It seemed strange that in order to achieve the effects stated in the book, you just need to stand 18 minutes a few times a day and that’s all, nothing else to do. With regard to the method for downloading: the mind knew that such a scheme for downloading through the subconscious could more than work, as had been faced with similar ideas earlier, just knowing what Cosmoenergy is capable of because I am already a Cosmoenergy (Master), but some doubt as to the high efficiency of the system was present. What the system really gave me does not fit in any frame of my wildest expectations! I do not see any sense to express here raptures, so it is better to give the facts.

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Ludmilla Ivanova, 49 years old (2 months of practice)

This review is translated from a Russian-speaking member of the group.

Reviewed 2 months of practice

I do not remember how I came to the book «Baibak — Automatic restoration of health.»
From despair of my condition at that moment, the feeling of running in circles, deadlock and stop, apathy and poor health, I was looking for a way to change the situation. After reading the book «Baibak», I immediately knew that this is it, this is what I need. No doubt or hesitation. Only joy and impatience. Very hooked on the quote from Pelevin. Everything has come together and worked out.

The Baibak system gave me even more than I would expect. An extraordinary breakthrough in the psycho-emotional state, in attitude and perception of the world, the knowledge itself, large-scale positive changes in health status and well-being.

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Olga Kowalska, 51 years old (2 months of practice)

This review is translated from a Russian-speaking member of the group.
It's been 2 months since I started practicing Baibak. It is time to write the review.

Reviewed 2 months of practice

Expectations about the system
Quite by accident forcing Google in about my underlying disease, writing far from Baibak words immediately got on the right village. Glad to indecency — relief that there is such system, and joy that I can be healthy, confident that this is exactly what I wanted, itching rather!!! To quickly become a healthy person and stop suffering – an exemplary storm of emotions and thoughts swept over me.

Frequency of sessions
From the first day, held sessions twice every day, then within 2-3 weeks moved to 3 sessions, then more – at night when I woke up, would launch session lying down, 1-2-3 per night.

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Ira Nick, 39 years old (2 months of practice)

This review is translated from a Russian-speaking member of the group.

Reviewed 2 months of practice

I learned about Baibak from my best friend. She told me she found some interesting information. Some things I do from what she tells me, if I'm interested, and for some things I feel absolutely indifferent. In the case of Baibak, there was a very strange feeling. I realised that this was my chance, and I have to really hurry to catch it. I did what I should – read the book that day, and immediately, because it was a condition of enrollment in the group. I was reading the book on full automatic, rushing to not miss the opportunity, and immediately filled in an application — even my hands were shaking. And in my premonition I was not deceived.

Frequency of sessions:
Sessions I conducted 2-3 times a day. These depended on my feelings and sensations. It's just an inner knowing — how many sessions I need. Basically, during exacerbations, I conducted sessions 3 times, but also sometimes more often, and when these situation calmed down, conducted sessions exactly 2 times a day.

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Lena Likina, 46 years old (2 months of practice)

This review is translated from a Russian-speaking member of the group.

Reviewed 2 months of practice


To be honest, I cannot even say that I had expectations. I did everything in one time. Read the book, joined the group, and made my first session. I just knew immediately: this is my chance. Chance for what? To somehow get rid of the endless health problems. I came to the site from the link: «Do you want to improve the material condition?» Had it been about just money, I would not have done it. I was most worried about rheumatoid arthritis. And the doctors said that the short-term outlook was a prosthetic joint. Persistent pain, limited movement, and when trying to make a move as widely as possible, the pain was so strong that I lost consciousness several times on the street. It is because of this illness that I came to practice Baibak, although to be honest there was a lot of scepticism, and these results I did not expect.

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Vadim Maev, 24 years old (2 months of practice)

This review is translated from a Russian-speaking member of the group.

Reviewed 2 months of practice

I did not have any particular special expectations from the system, because l seriously believed that I had everything in order. The main reason for the start of operation of the system was the desire to test Baibak for myself. I wanted to restore and strengthen my power (before meeting with Baibak, had intended to do this by using Cosmoenergy), to resolve the issues of the material plane, cure teeth, back, neck, fix vertebrae in place. Most of all, gain the forces needed to work on myself and my life. The fact is that, after 2 months of practice, I received unimaginable changes in my outlook, the perception of the world and people.

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Keith Holt, 50 (2 months of practice)

Reviewed 2 months of practice

This is my two month review of the Baibak system. There have been many changes in me, some will be difficult to recall my state before starting Baibak as they are subtle, some will be easy since they are so fresh and startling.

Expectations before starting:
After reading the material I was excited but skeptical. I have tried many alternative healing methods and so often I have good results the first day or two and then nothing. Baibak was a bit different. The fact that I had to journal daily gave me pause since I don't typically like typing long messages. I have studied a few of the Russian healing/magical methods such as Ringing Cedars and Soaring but had found no lasting result from either. The fact that I found Baibak at random on a small website was a blessing and I knew that it was the right thing for me. I never really thought Baibak may be a perfect method before starting, but knew I needed to try it for my health. In the end my health has improved, Baibak has helped me find the right vitamins, minerals for improving my health. I discovered my thyroid was low, my vitamin B12 levels were low and that information helped me improve my health substantially and I believe it was Baibak that told me this information. I was taking lot's of naps, not getting good sleep before Baibak and now it is much improved.

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Inna, 35 years old (2 months of practice)

This review is translated from a Russian-speaking member of the group.

Reviewed 2 months of practice

After reading the book, I was immediately sweptwith doubt about Baibak, that it is not possible, it is again someone's trick, but the next day I remembered the saying that all genius is simple, and sent in the application, which to my surprise was approved, so I started to practice Baibak. My expectations of improvement were purely on the physical plane: sinusitis, gallstones, high blood pressure, but what began to happen, I did not expect. For some things I was not ready, but I took everything for granted, with all the ensuing conclusions… there began to occur real miracles, healing is not only for the body but also the soul, the psyche, increased sensing of feelings or some sort of intuition… I will start in more detail.

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hi, i now completed 2 month of this program.I run program 3 times a day,most of the session was sitting or lying,only some standing. nevertheless. Here some changes i found:
1. loss of weight. body has now more define shape (i didn't exercise) but i started to consume more soup and its now part of my daily meal 2. allergy reaction is minimum. Noticed absolute absence of allergy reaction on alcohol, still to test my pets reaction 3.since i started a program some ppl just disappeared from my life, new company of friends make me feel like at home and seems closer. in my personal life i now seeing someone and feeling very good and positive about our relationship. previously i felt like i was meeting wrong men all the time and didn't seem to keep relationship going,always being disappointed.
My perception of the world is more clear and positive. I definitely benefit from this program a lot, will continue to use this program in order to continue to improve my health and emotional state.

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