personal energocorrection system

Baibak Practice

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The book "Baibak - Practice" is intended for those who have decided to engage in the system, and contains all the information needed for the practical work. Before purchasing the system activation for a year, you should make sure to read the book "Baibak", which you can download online in the public domain, and conduct trial sessions.

The system is based on Cosmoenergy and others energy techniques and contains unique algorithms that significantly improve the efficiency of the process of health recovery and mental equilibrium. With access to the Baibak system, you get an unlimited amount of wellness sessions, which you can spend at any time convenient for you during the year.

Immediately after payment your individual instance of the system will be activated and you will get access to the private section of the website where you will find everything you need for practice.

If you want to buy the system for other family members at a discount - you can use Refferal program.