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Ksenia Golitcina, 30 years old (2 months of practice)

This review is translated from a Russian-speaking member of the group.

Reviewed 2 months of practice

After 10 weeks of practice, it is time for me to come and write a review. The mood today is very quiet and smooth, great for writing a balanced review based only on facts.

First impressions of the book and the Baibak system
The first thing that caught my eye – it’s too easy. It seemed strange that in order to achieve the effects stated in the book, you just need to stand 18 minutes a few times a day and that’s all, nothing else to do. With regard to the method for downloading: the mind knew that such a scheme for downloading through the subconscious could more than work, as had been faced with similar ideas earlier, just knowing what Cosmoenergy is capable of because I am already a Cosmoenergy (Master), but some doubt as to the high efficiency of the system was present. What the system really gave me does not fit in any frame of my wildest expectations! I do not see any sense to express here raptures, so it is better to give the facts.

Frequency of sessions
I immediately began to carry out sessions every day, a week later moved to 2-3 times a day and tried to keep up this pace for two months (although there were days when I did not hold sessions at all or reduced the intensity of their implementation). So my results…

Physical Layer

Figure and appearance
1 Thinner. Specifically how much, I cannot say, because I don’t focus on weight (just feeling from clothes, about 3-4 kg), and easily lost weight in problem areas for me (top of hand and upper thighs) without diet or exercise.

2. In general, I perceive my body to be more beautiful, there was softness of the lines, femininity, sexuality.

3. The skin became more supple and taut, significantly decreased cellulite, even the relief of muscles can be seen, although I did not do any exercise. Tightened ass.

4. Hair became more healthy and shiny. Hair loss still more than normal, but less than before the start of practice. Very fast growing, hair cut every month. Change in hair color, it became very rich, dark, I always liked this shade.

5. Increased breast size by 1 cup. For me it's a lot, as there was always zero.

6. Leathery skin patches become clear (before the practice was acne), though at the time of writing this review there is still more intense cleansing (pimples or acne still show up, but whereas before they did not mature, going back deep into the skin (lying “dormant”), with Baibak they now begin to come out fully, as Baibak permanently clears them). But at the moment the attitude towards them is not so depressing. Important discovery that I begin to see all the features past the spots, that there is a live person there, and I like it.

7. Hair that grew in the wrong places has become much thinner and lighter, does not grow as fast (2-3 times slower than before).

8. Improved complexion. Now there is no desire to sunbathe fanatically to hide my pale yellow-green skin.

9. There used to be yellow and lumpy toenails, and now the industry standard white and smooth. In the hands, the nails grow quite differently too, with the same quality.

Posture and skeleton
1 Sacrum was misaligned (offset for about 3 years). This was righted in the second week of practice without exercise or help of massage therapists.

2. Posture as a whole has become very smooth, and all the bones and joints have become more mobile, nothing disturbs the motion anywhere. A lot of the vertebrae are now righted.

3. Fully returned mobility in foot (half a year ago there was an accident, severe swelling, could not walk for a long time, I could not pull a sock over it without pain).

4. My body feels much better (I had no idea that I had so many places where there was reduced sensitivity). Muscles have become more flexible, I can feel them better (earlier in some places they felt like a piece of wood, but now I feel them separated from each other, elastic).

5. Changed gait (very «grounded»), walking with confidence, I feel a strong connection to the land. Even the heels (from that, I've started to walk with heels), more rounded, like a child’s, not dry or cracked.

6. Upper thorasic hump (in the neck), which appeared somewhere two years ago, and all the while increasing, is much less. Even I would say not noticeable, if you don’t focus attention on it, and you do not look closely.

Women's Health
1 Fully normalised cycle (before ovulation was late on day 18 and a short second (luteal) phase, now ovulate on day 10-15 and luteal phase increased by 3 days). The month is like clockwork. There came less spotting before and after menstruation (before spotting was for 2-3 days before and 3-4 after, now 1 day before, 2 days after). Ovulation is going very well, there are no unpleasant sharp pains in the ovaries, and abdomen, as before. Feel ovulation is just nice. Breasts start immediately to respond to the mature egg (before, the reaction was only 2-3 before menstruation).

2. Began to feel better microflora. Thrush is no longer a worry, now a purely visual aggravation, without itching and burning and passes quickly (1-2 days).

3. The husband said that the walls of the vagina became different, more smooth and pleasant, no problems with lubrication and sexual arousal (before that it was hard with regards to excitement and lubrication, sometimes requiring more).

4. Breasts still remain the same, but the chest continues to grow a little bit with each cycle, and I feel like hormones are still being established, so it is not surprising that the breast is showing, but only leading up to menstruation.

1 Now, more likely to have decreased portions, and diet has changed. There is no emotional relationship to food. Craving for sweets is gone, no more «favorite foods», there are those that I want to eat now — they are my favorite (today it can be oatmeal, and tomorrow some red fish or boiled rice).

2. Appeared a «nose» for freshness. No more of this idiocy “eat up, even if it’s a little spoiled", or “eat now so as not to throw it away”. Ceased to overeat (minus point on this note is but one — in some restaurants the portions are not reduced). Remaining changes in the body: normalised the functioning of the intestine, reducing flatulence, colic and pain disappeared in the intestine. Got better sleep, easier to get up. Mostly I go to bed early and get up early. Slightly improved vision: before the right eye was -1.5, -1.75 left, now right -1, -1.5 left. There was astigmatism, but I do not remember how much, too. Now have astigmatism in both eyes 1.25 (the memory dictates that this used to be stronger).

Emotions and psychological effects

1. I look differently at myself and my life, getting more and more pleasure from all that can be done. Life has become brighter: increased taste, colors are brighter, I feel the slightest odors. Life has become pleasant and surprising. Feeling full of love and self-acceptance is still far, but my body and appearance, and my character changing from time to time, I admire.

2. I feel older. Not in the sense of «old», but in the sense of being finally matured. I feel like a woman, adult, self-confident, independent and beautiful. I feel like a strong woman, and not a stupid, always guilty, girl.

3. Improved driving skills, memory and attention. Have become more focused, discovered the ability to work on a project for the duration (not losing enthusiasm and passion as before, becoming more patient, making fewer mistakes because I am not in a hurry).

4. Fully examples with my laziness and get a wonderful reward: I have become more able-bodied and effective. I can be happy to be lazy and watch my favorite TV series for half a day, and then, when I feel that it’s enough «lazy time», with the same passion I start to work, and effectiveness in these conditions is much higher.

5. Finally began to paint again (had not picked up a pencil for 7 years exactly). There are ideas, creative impulses. Completely going into the «pure creativity», as a child, just enjoying it and openly “spitting” on the laws of composition and other «can and cannot» in the art of drawing. Just express myself.
6. In general, became less irritable, do not worry about anything, not getting «stuck» in some states (in extreme cases, the condition goes on the clock, usually within minutes – using Baibak I do not get stuck, in all sessions the condition vanishes). More confident in decisions as I see the situation clearly, not going into fruitless arguments, becoming very specific, not dreaming up anything about a situation, not interpreting someone else's words and actions (better that I ask the person clearly). Very articulate and position myself as needed, and can easily be silent if my opinion is not asked. Became a little tougher and uncompromising, but I like it. Previously could not clearly say «no» to spending time and energy on people who obviously did not need this (persuasion, questioning).

7. Changed attitude toward money, spending quietly (with a cool head) and unconscious of from whom I buy. Spending money is not bad. No more awe and fear before these valuable pieces of paper in front of me with large sums.

8. Has become easier to relate to life and to not plan anything, or rather to plan, but without the idiocy, and be calm. And I would not even call it a plan, because it is very flexible and I am ready at any time to make adjustments to it and change.

Social life and relationships

1 Calm attitude to the choice of the people, even if this choice is the opposite of mine. Previously, it seemed that only I knew properly “how to”, and that if things were not going my way, then they are beneath than me, and worse than others. Now I can clearly see that all people just have different problems, not worse, not better, not more difficult, just a different one. With a light heart, I can leave the person alone, even if they are, based on «my philosophy», wrong.
2. Resolved personal problems with some people that could not be cleared using other practices. These problems were not released for a long time, a lot of practice and time I spent on them, and only with Baibak everything was decided. And I do not sort things out, it's just an understanding of how I feel comfortable to be in this situation.

3. Relationship with my husband has become simply wonderful. Just does not make sense to describe. I am fully aware that living next to me is so perfect a man, that I did not even dreamed such before! It's just a fairy tale in reality.

4. Before, flipping through the social network, sometimes I could not help but comment (it was necessary to express an opinion about someone else's publication, to tell someone that they are wrong), but now I am not interested in it, becoming aware of the apparent senselessness of all this action. I have long struggled with this feature, I did not like it.

5. People are less and less enraged «without reason». I meet less ignorant, obnoxious people, increasingly seeing happy people, professionals, and fans of the business. The world is full of smiles, competent, intelligent, interesting people, it's nice to live in such an environment.

6. Despite the still quite imperfect skin, I noticed that I attract the attention of men. They look at me and see something, something attracts them. Life has changed dramatically, although I was quite satisfied with it before. Between me and the current me two months ago (before the start of practice Baibak) is a huge gap, such powerful changes in such a short time I was expecting from one practice. All changes simply cannot be described!

What was the most difficult for me to practice?

It's hard to say, there were a few such moments. One of the most difficult moments, was when you see the first major changes, you rejoice, you're in heaven, and then BOOM and a sharp aggravation — here it was hard not to be discouraged, and to keep working (in the brain, you realise that it’s aggravation — this is normal, but the emotions are raging). Second ordeal in this practice (and with this one, I unfortunately did not manage), it was not working for one disease (and to wait for change in this case was most depressing). Noted that the areas in which I have been waiting for change have changed somehow, though not really, but where I do not even dare to hope for a result — there have been tremendous changes. Conclusion: do not expect anything! It is very difficult, but do not wait.
Finally, I want to thank Nikolay (the creator of the system) for this chance, and a unique opportunity, and all those who participated with me in the experimental group – I was very inspired by your diaries and commitment to the result. Thank you!

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