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Ludmilla Ivanova, 49 years old (2 months of practice)

This review is translated from a Russian-speaking member of the group.

Reviewed 2 months of practice

I do not remember how I came to the book «Baibak — Automatic restoration of health.»
From despair of my condition at that moment, the feeling of running in circles, deadlock and stop, apathy and poor health, I was looking for a way to change the situation. After reading the book «Baibak», I immediately knew that this is it, this is what I need. No doubt or hesitation. Only joy and impatience. Very hooked on the quote from Pelevin. Everything has come together and worked out.

The Baibak system gave me even more than I would expect. An extraordinary breakthrough in the psycho-emotional state, in attitude and perception of the world, the knowledge itself, large-scale positive changes in health status and well-being.

Frequency of sessions: the first week spent one session each day. Next three weeks, two sessions per day. And subsequent time two, three or more sessions in the morning and evening. Intensive sessions during the last month was my conscious choice, making full use of some free vacation time.


1. Before practice had constant back pain, muscle spasms, slept only on special orthopedic pillow locking the head, «an unstable spine.»
Now there is no pain, the spine is smooth and fluid, a displaced vertebra in the thoracic region has moved back into place, there is a bend in the lumbar, shoulders have leveled out, the blades do not stick, neck stretched out and my head turns easily, muscle spasms perverting the spine have gone, there is no constraint, I can look back without turning my whole body.

2. I am no longer plagued by arrhythmia, pain in the heart and behind the sternum, shortness of breath, respiratory arrest, syncope – all these have gone. The heart is quietly rhythmical, and breathing is easy, there is no longer constriction in the chest.

3. Prior to the practice had significant swelling in the legs, had to wear shoes 2 sizes larger as veins hurt, it was very hard to walk or stand. After practice — the legs do not swell. Dark spots from broken capillaries have gone. I can stand for long periods without seizures, and at night I no longer wake up with pain in the feet. Toes are now straight and not crawling over each other. Feet, knees and hip joints move freely and no longer have shooting pain.

4. Gone are the headaches that afflicted my life. Pressure does not jump up, constantly normal, no longer reacting to changes in the weather.

5. All the internal organs are functioning smoothly, in a single system. Can eat any food without exacerbation of the pancreas and gallbladder. Gone is the nagging pain in the right kidney.

6. The skin has become more elastic and smooth. Nails are strong and shiny, fast growing, do not break. Hair is vibrant and silky. Hair growth has also improved, sticking out funnily along parting. Weight has not decreased, but the body is toned and elastic. I now wear clothes a size smaller than before. Good muscle tone. Toned up the rounded face, sharper cheekbones and chin, eyebrows up, eyes more open. I feel eight years younger, that's for sure.

7. Powerlessness and lack of forces that prevented me from living a full life have, following practice, changed the tide to vitality, the desire to move, engage in favorite things, work, outdoor recreation, to enjoy life itself.

Before practice there was an urgent need to put in order the thoughts and emotions. During sessions there were a lot of changes.

1. Changed perception of the world. Much has become clear and understandable, that I kind of knew before, but there was no integrity.

2. Previously, in certain situations, I would just emanate emotions, but now there is only a rational evaluation, decision and output.

3. Snapped a lot of threads on which I twitched like a doll with a bad puppeteer.

4. Accept myself such as I am, with all the acquired experience, lessons learned, without guilt or regret.

5. Everything superficial, alien, clichés etc., which were not mine, have been taken away. I know my desires and goals.

6. Realised my mistakes in relation to the material and physical world. Without strong roots, there cannot be a healthy tree.

7. Great gift was to experience the feeling of communal harmony, now I know that it is possible to strive for, something to work on.

8. Personal relationships have become more delicate and gentle, more caring, understanding, and with responsibility for each other. In social life and finances global changes have occurred. Yes, I had not taken any action for this. The world is beautiful and very friendly. I feel loved, and I love all.

What was the most difficult thing in practice:
Difficulties in the practice itself, there were not. The system works well, is very sensitive to the state, provides everything you need. It was hard to describe in words the full depth of the processes, all the effects and impact of my changes. Written word is but a schema, describing such a beautiful and exciting experience. Thank you Nik and all the creators of Baibak for your priceless gift for creativity and a great job. You make this world a better and brighter place. Thank you for your kindness and warmth.

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