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Olga Kowalska, 51 years old (2 months of practice)

This review is translated from a Russian-speaking member of the group.
It's been 2 months since I started practicing Baibak. It is time to write the review.

Reviewed 2 months of practice

Expectations about the system
Quite by accident forcing Google in about my underlying disease, writing far from Baibak words immediately got on the right village. Glad to indecency — relief that there is such system, and joy that I can be healthy, confident that this is exactly what I wanted, itching rather!!! To quickly become a healthy person and stop suffering – an exemplary storm of emotions and thoughts swept over me.

Frequency of sessions
From the first day, held sessions twice every day, then within 2-3 weeks moved to 3 sessions, then more – at night when I woke up, would launch session lying down, 1-2-3 per night.

Physical changes

1) Polyarthritis. All the joints were swollen, aching, broken mobility, coming down the stairs one at a time by attached steps, waking during the night in pain. Even to unscrew the cap from a bottle of milk – there was such weakness in the fingers, I would need a knife to saw and a jumper over both hands, and still not open on the first try. At traffic lights in the road, I could not go the whole way at once, always waiting for the second «green» to finish the maneuver.
Now, there is power in the hands. It is easy to unscrew the lid without the help of a knife, with the fingers of one hand. I cross the road in one time. I can go down the stairs without bounds, and like all normal people. Walking is much better, and I can get up from a chair without helping myself by my hands (as before). Of course, full recovery is still far away, there a lot of things left, I was just at the beginning of the path, but the main thing is that I can see a way out.

2) I was overweight. During this time, I dropped 4-5 kg. Changed food. Appetite became quiet. Indifferent to chocolate – before the system, I would eat it every day!!!
Now, I can eat chocolate too, but not because I think I will die if I don’t, but simply as and when I see it or am given it. It is easy now to have anything I want, to listen to myself, without restrictions – “this is for you” and “this you cannot eat”…

3) Vision. Clearly improved, but without the documented confirmation from the doctor. Before, W was unable to see the number for the bus until it had almost driven by. Sometimes I was too late to raise my hand even. Now I see with much more room than before, about 50 meters.

4) Skin. As you can imagine, with such problems as mine for a backdrop, I was not so concerned about how I look, and almost never checked in the mirror — do I look young? or not? But now that I do, I can say that I think I started to look better. 2 small pigmented spots on the cheek have almost disappeared, or rather, I now cannot find them, just knowing where they were. And on my stomach under the breast were so hmm… mole type warts, flat, rough, pale, such is my age. I do not know where they went missing, prior to the course they were there, now they are gone.

5) For 2 years, I was worried about the neck. Turning left was ok, but when turning right there was some block. Besides, if I was working at the table and bent my head to a certain degree, it became bad, dizziness, darkened eyes. As I understand, there was a vessel that was occluded. Now that's all gone. Neck turns well both left and right. Attacks of pain when tilting the head have also passed.

6) Before, I had a lack of energy associated with health. Now it’s on the rise. First, I see an exit, and to get out depends on me, as well as getting good results. I became better, more cheerful. I sleep better, even getting a lot of sleep.

Emotional Changes

I was a very calm and balanced person, there was little that ruffles me, treating people with tolerance, no one bothered me, I accepted life such as it is. I loved myself and the world — well, this is how I was born – but I didn’t work particularly hard to change myself in any way. I wondered what else Baibak could do?… But this entire idyll was flying into hell, when something would happen with my children and I would start to worry. And here, I would take off in full, enough for me to worry, nervous of the most masochistic scenarios. At the worst case scenario, I would bring myself into hysterics, unable to calm down, or to think about the good side. On the contrary, I would do my best to never for a moment calm down. And so it was before working with Baibak. After practicing, what shocked me is the fact that in a situation of stress, naturally about the children, I did not have such reactions this time. I do not scroll to a horror scenario, I just firmly, somewhere on a deep level, know that all will be well. I myself was amazed at this tranquility. And knowing myself for about 50 years, I can say that this is the result of the work in these 2 months. Well, maybe one more thing. I used to be “loved” by all, at work, friends etc., and I was dependent on it, a sort of syndrome of excellent pupil and a good girl. Now I can say that I do not care how someone perceives me. It is a deep awareness, that I know who I am really, and I do not care what you think. And this also happened in the last 2 months.

Social Changes

1) At the beginning of training I was in a very difficult financial situation. How it all changed. Revenues have not exactly increased, but costs have reduced because money has become delayed. In addition, bosses have promised to raise salary next month — let’s see.

2) The need to communicate with many people has disappeared. During practice I realised that this distracted me from the really interesting life. Unceremoniously cut circle of friends, keeping those who are really relevant to me.

3) Ceased to be in social networks. Stopped watching television, especially politics, news, «moral-heavy» shows, sentimental transmissions.

4) Noticed that if I have some need to convince a person, even a customized «not sure», with a balanced and reasoned discussion they easily changed their point of view.

Overall in 2 months I see strong changes. And I like them. And I want to continue to change.

What was the most difficult thing in practice
Of course when the body is tormented by pain, and the pain starts to go, I fly, glide, euphoria, happiness!!! And then in the morning I wake up and everything is as it was… Anger, irritation — and this is putting it softly! Mood at zero, the horror… despair — system does not work, I dreamed it all, nothing good happened. This was the worst thing. And here, the diaries, and Ksenia and Nikolay, really helped – these exacerbations will come, so be ready, and they will come more than once. Well, even I am personally very strained — I came with a specific and serious problem, I'm tired of the pain, I want to quickly get rid of it, I'm willing to work, but I expect Baibak to work in this direction. My ear, and other less significant others, I didn’t care so much about. But here, reading the diaries and the book, told myself everything goes as it should, do not be bothered, you just need to trust the process.

Overall I want to say that during these 2 months a lot of work has been done to restore me to my health. Want say a big thank you to Nikolay for the creation of a system, for the support from Ksenia, and the whole group for what I have. Thanks!!!

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