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Ira Nick, 39 years old (2 months of practice)

This review is translated from a Russian-speaking member of the group.

Reviewed 2 months of practice

I learned about Baibak from my best friend. She told me she found some interesting information. Some things I do from what she tells me, if I'm interested, and for some things I feel absolutely indifferent. In the case of Baibak, there was a very strange feeling. I realised that this was my chance, and I have to really hurry to catch it. I did what I should – read the book that day, and immediately, because it was a condition of enrollment in the group. I was reading the book on full automatic, rushing to not miss the opportunity, and immediately filled in an application — even my hands were shaking. And in my premonition I was not deceived.

Frequency of sessions:
Sessions I conducted 2-3 times a day. These depended on my feelings and sensations. It's just an inner knowing — how many sessions I need. Basically, during exacerbations, I conducted sessions 3 times, but also sometimes more often, and when these situation calmed down, conducted sessions exactly 2 times a day.


During these two months, with my health, I am very pleased:

-Firstly, before practice, I had pain starting in my right knee, i.e. when I was sitting and then got up it would be immediately very painful. I had to stand up just a little, so the pain would not be as sharp, but even then it was painful to walk right away. Once walking the pain would go away. Now everything is fine. I can get up and walk without pain.

-Secondly, I could not squat. I could barely sit down, just a little bit. Now everything is fine. I can squat down and can sit cross-legged. Knees bend wonderfully.

-Thirdly, I often had red and inflamed eyes. They hurt and were itchy. I seemed to have some kind of viral infection. I constantly carried eye drops in my bag. During these two months, I had two relapses, and now at the moment I am no longer worried by this problem.

-Fourth — Improved skin condition. This was a problem I had since adolescence. I often had a rash and redness. During these two months, the lined redness in my complexion has decreased -Fifth — There was a general improvement in health. Before practice, if I came home from work I would have to lie down, before trying to do something about the house though quite exhausted. Now, after work, I feel in good health, and have the power and desire to do housework.

Emotionally, the changes are also remarkable:

— Firstly I was a very closed, shy, unsociable woman. Now I'm happy to notice how much easier and easier it is for me to communicate with people.

-Secondly my attitude has changed. Previously, I did not like looking at myself in the mirror, always looking for flaws. All the time I was dissatisfied with myself, my looks and my body. During these two months, the situation has changed dramatically. I really love myself. I love my body, my figure, I hear a lot of compliments addressed to me. There is a desire to take care of myself.

-Thirdly, I changed my attitude towards things of a sexual nature. Before, I can say that I had feelings of disgust towards the intimate parts of my body. As I practiced with Baibak I came across an interesting book on the topic of sexuality and I rethought it all. Now, I love to care for all parts of my body.

-Fourthly, for the two months, I learned many interesting things about women's power. It's the awareness of oneself as a woman. I now do some women's practices and I love it.

-Fifth — Overall mood has improved. During practice with the system I had strong emotional swings from euphoria to complete loss of the meaning of existence, but each time with a shift in the positive direction.


-My first and most important change is that I met, on the Internet, with my beloved man. We have not seen each other in real life, only writing and talking on the phone, but I understand that I love him and the feeling is mutual.

Well, and secondly, the men that I did not need have disappeared. There was one man who was married, who for several years had provided me with unmistakable signs of attention. Now, I have no interest in this situation, and I myself have stopped communication with him.

-Thirdly — Improved family relationships with my father. There were with him conflicts and misunderstandings. Now he's very polite to me, and finally not teaching me how to live, providing help if I ask.

Fourthly – I now experience great luck with public transport.

Fifth – there is a promise to raise wages.

Most difficult during program, was an exacerbation of genital herpes, and fluctuations in emotional states.
During these two months I have had two acute exacerbations of genital herpes. Each exacerbation proceeded about four times heavier than usual. There were many rashes, and they were very painful and took long to heal. At the moment, I'm good in this area — calm.
Emotions on the Baibak system just roll from plus to minus… that universal sorrow, and feeling all is lost and there is simply no need to live, to the total euphoria. At the moment, the state is also balanced, but positive.

I am eternally grateful to the man who invented it all and gave me a chance, and all other people to solve their problems. A low bow to Nikolay. Thank you so much.

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