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Lena Likina, 46 years old (2 months of practice)

This review is translated from a Russian-speaking member of the group.

Reviewed 2 months of practice


To be honest, I cannot even say that I had expectations. I did everything in one time. Read the book, joined the group, and made my first session. I just knew immediately: this is my chance. Chance for what? To somehow get rid of the endless health problems. I came to the site from the link: «Do you want to improve the material condition?» Had it been about just money, I would not have done it. I was most worried about rheumatoid arthritis. And the doctors said that the short-term outlook was a prosthetic joint. Persistent pain, limited movement, and when trying to make a move as widely as possible, the pain was so strong that I lost consciousness several times on the street. It is because of this illness that I came to practice Baibak, although to be honest there was a lot of scepticism, and these results I did not expect.

Frequency of sessions
Sessions conducted as follows: First 10 days — sessions held every 2 days. Following 10 days – held every day, then two times a day. In the last 2 weeks — 2-3 times a day. There were days when I did 3-4 sessions, but it was basically 2-3 sessions in a row.



(Starting from the first day of sessions in Baibak I completely abandoned all drugs except insulin. Actually for two months I did not drink a single pill, except for vitamins.)
1. Before: The dosage of insulin before practice: 24-26 units per day, and sufficiently strict dieting.
After: Now down to 19 units (this despite the fact that pullback is not over yet, so the dosage is still moving down). And I eat almost everything. Sugar uncontrollably tries to go down, and I have to raise it up.
2. Before: Arthritis. Constant pain, for any careless movement woke up in pain, could sleep only in a few pre-calibrated positions. The right hand cannot raise beyond about 80 degrees. And the situation was getting worse with crazy speed. Corticosteroid shots treated the pain, but did not stop the process.
After: It must be noted that I had a fracture of the humeral head in my hand, and I was most worried about this, so the objectivity of results can’t be correct. But even with the fracture, the situation is much better than before the fracture with steroids (my friend after same fracture of the hand took more than six months to be restored). Debility has gone completely. Hand raises somewhere between 100-120 degrees. It has stopped to limit my opportunities in life.
3. Before: All my life I was overweight, with a height of 175 cm and weight of 75kg (I'm fine-boned, looked very fat). 6 years ago lost weight down to 60kg, but it took an incredible effort. Complete rejection of the sweet, fatty, starchy foods, and a constant feeling of hunger. I would wake up at night hungry. And lately, the weight began to grow, and I could not keep it down. To lose 2 kg took 2 months of starving. Incredibly hard to lose weight.
Hence I was not thin. At the beginning of the sessions, started to actively lose weight. And then looked at myself and realised that it is not necessary to do so. In this weight I looked much better. And now I can afford for myself to eat properly and not to gain weight, whereas before I could only look at food and my weight would increase. Now I can afford bread and cookies, and fat cottage cheese. When I go too far, the weight starts to rise, but as soon as I close my mouth, it goes away. And it goes out faster than it increases. I have finally come to an agreement with my weight, appetite and power. I weigh 63kg with a height of 175cm. I look well, I do not torment myself with hunger and do not get bigger. It's a dream.
4. Before: Skin as a result of age-related changes, was becoming thin and sort of loose, watery like.
Now: My skin is now looking more like 30 years, in terms of density, smoothness, elasticity. And not only on the face, but also on the whole body. Excessive dryness has disappeared. Increased chest size. And somehow changed figure. Became wider shoulders, toned hips, thinner waist (though I have not lost weight).
5. Before: I have always pursued a feeling of weakness, tiredness. If I had a day off, and I went out of the house until the evening, I felt as if all the blood poured out of me, was difficult to walk (on the weekend apparently the body was totally relaxing and there was no force to fight for life). Practices to build energy had to be done twice as often as recommended, which naturally entailed some negative health consequences.
Now: I'm no longer practicing to build energy, because I think that it is not compatible with the Baibak system. And I don’t need to do it. I do not feel super energetic, but the feelings of fatigue, and weakness, are no longer there. I feel adequate


1.Before: Previously, because of some stupid little thing, I could worry and make myself at my worst for weeks.
Now: Even if I start to worry about something, it’s not for long time. And the worries somehow are not so real. Like on the surface I worry, but deep inside am totally relaxed.
2. Before: Always tried to be good, to please people.
Now: I do not think that I have become more pleasing for people, but I couldn’t care less. I am such as I am, if you don’t like — pass by. There is a feeling of relaxation and inner satisfaction.
3. Before: I was always haunted by the fear. Because of everything. That I will have no money, that I will have no job, that someone will be offended. Fears were not always identified as a real fear, often just thinking three times before doing something, just in case, and suddenly…
Now: Serious fears have somehow come weaker. Not completely gone, but have moved away. And thinking about the «what if ...» has slid somewhere far away. Became more active, thinking less about what may or may not be.
4. Before: All my life I was unhappy with myself. Everyone in this world was smarter, stronger, more beautiful, more successful than I.
Now: Of course, I began to love and respect myself. Sometimes I think that I do not become so much better to look at, but that I have come to like myself much more. I’ve come to understand that one should not try to be perfect.
5. Before: I am a very dry and closed person. Difficult to open up, even with the closest. Even my mother, with whom I have a very good relationship, who’s really close to me, I always kept a certain distance
Now: Became much more open and sincere. Became warmer and gentler in treating people and animals. It was as if something inside let me go. This feeling that I have ceased to fear, and allowed myself to open. It was as if all my life I defended myself from someone. Really hard to write about the 5 emotional points, not in terms of the number of cases, it’s just that one is a consequence of another, and everything is interconnected.


1. Before: After the new year, revenue fell about 4 times. There really was not always money for the subway.
After: Within two months, revenue remained at the level of the previous year (not in dollars, but at least in the national currency).
2. Before: I was sitting in the workroom with 3 women. And with one of them, I had a very tense relationship, I could hear how jealousy, anger, and aggression came from her. For any attempts to establish a relationship, she did not react. It was very hard to be at work all the time in this state.
Now: Yes, now we are not friends, but we have a normal relationship, and can talk and drink tea, and go shopping. The situation has resolved, somehow unnoticed. I just decided for myself that I would not notice that she is a fool, and will really feel good about her, and that her emotions relate to only her. Before, I could not have done this, I always began to vibrate in response. Sometimes I have a feeling that she even wants to talk to me.
3. Before: Relationship with boss was evenly-distanced. Well, the work it’s the work.
Now: She comes to me almost every day, sits on a chair at the table and begins to talk about life. Brings me all the money for payments, and I deal with them. Going on vacation, she said: “now you are the boss here, you deal with cases, with the money too”. In fact, except for the additional load and the «moral satisfaction», it brings nothing. I didn’t get paid more, and there is already nowhere for me to grow in this company. But there are changes on the surface.
4. Before: Before the start of practice, I lived in a two-bedroom apartment with my mother. After a divorce, I moved in with her, realised that I really liked it, I'm really good with it, I do not want to live alone, and did not attempt to solve the housing problem in another way.
Now: And now about bad stuff. After 2 weeks of starting to practice Baibak, relatives came to us (the son of my cousin (I did not have a sister, and I am very friendly with her), his wife and child). Refugees from Donetsk. They sit at home, do not work, and to all proposals put forward for jobs, make unrealistic demands. I understand that it doesn’t matter what to do, so long as it’s not working. And to get rid of them I had no opportunities. They do not have money to rent an apartment, I cannot move them outside to the street. As a result, I live in the same room with my mother. I love her very much, but there is no personal space, and it's awfully depressing.
5. Again about the money. Just yesterday was offered a very good part-time job. And this work would be more fun than work. And the money — one third of my salary. I write separately because it has nothing to do with my profession, and it never occurred to me to do this before.

What was the most difficult in practice?

6. The hardest thing was internally taking it all seriously, and to organise myself, adhere to the terms of the Agreement. All the time there was a feeling that something inside me resists, pulls back, saying, «this is not so, it does not happen, no matter — somewhere there is a catch.» The most difficult thing was to convince myself.

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