personal energocorrection system

Vadim Maev, 24 years old (2 months of practice)

This review is translated from a Russian-speaking member of the group.

Reviewed 2 months of practice

I did not have any particular special expectations from the system, because l seriously believed that I had everything in order. The main reason for the start of operation of the system was the desire to test Baibak for myself. I wanted to restore and strengthen my power (before meeting with Baibak, had intended to do this by using Cosmoenergy), to resolve the issues of the material plane, cure teeth, back, neck, fix vertebrae in place. Most of all, gain the forces needed to work on myself and my life. The fact is that, after 2 months of practice, I received unimaginable changes in my outlook, the perception of the world and people.

Frequency of sessions
The first month conducted one session a day. Then, with a push from the founders, started doing two a day (morning and evening). After, intensive Baibak was run throughout the day, whilst also consistently conducting standing session in the morning and evening.

Physical changes

1 Rejuvenation. Though I am 24years of age, sometimes I felt like an old man. This was often manifested in tiredness and “ohah ahah." The face is now more youthful, the body has become younger and more energetic.
2. Increased production of testosterone.
3. Strengthened the work of the digestive system and body cleansing. Previously, whenever I overeat, so immediately felt the weight and general discomfort, apathy to action. Now, no matter how much I eat — there is always a force to do something else besides the digestion of food.
4. Removed a troublesome tooth. Before operating the system, I stubbornly followed the conviction, «If man is destined to live — he gets out of even the most severe illness. If a person is destined to die, even the best doctors cannot cure a cold». Of course I have not changed my beliefs, but I realised that if I need to have a tooth pulled, or make any other intervention on the physical level — it is necessary to do so, and to not wait for the process to happen by itself.
5. Increased flexibility of the body. Not much, but considering the fact that I stopped doing yoga after starting with the system — it is a miracle.
6. The body is stronger, and there is gained strength. I used to feel the absence of any forces to go somewhere or do something. Now the main thing is the desire to do something, rather than the presence of forces.
7. Straightened posture, squared my shoulders. Before that, I walked as if expecting a blow whip, slouched and hardly looked straight ahead, either to the floor or to the sides.
8. At times increased level of sexual energy, desire, passion. I can say that I returned to school age, when hormones just started being produced, and sexual desire did not leave me alone for a minute. Before operating the system, sexual desire was much lower, barely noticeable.
9. Stopped worrying about neck and back. Before this, often felt pain and stiffness in the muscles of the neck and back. After several hours at the computer, I felt pinched pain, and stiffness of muscles. I cannot say that everything is completely gone, but I did not feel pain there after only a few days of work with the system.
10. Changed gait. Step became more confident and accurate, the same as all other actions and moves.
11. Increased stamina and immunity. Now I can easily ride a bike in 40-degree heat. If I feel that there is a cold in the night, in the morning I wake up fresh and clean.
12. The body has become more relaxed and calm. Prior to this, felt a constant tension.

Mental changes

1. Understand and accept myself. Accept my masks and actions, deeds and decisions. Accept the past – before, thinking that I made a lot of mistakes and went down the wrong path, now I understand that the path to this moment was fully adequate and led me to self-fulfillment.
2. Began to trust people, and realised the place of such a trust in personal relationships, family. As a consequence, opened the ability to talk frankly. Until then, I just could not trust anyone and completely unfold. About honesty, trusting relationships are not out of the question. I always kept everything inside myself, very much afraid that I would not be understood, rejected… and this influenced the relationship with the girlfriend and others. Also, I've been waiting for a dirty trick in the actions of others, in their words and deeds. Now it is still present at the level of minds, but at the level of action, everything has changed for the better.
3. Gone is the protective mask on my face (unreasonably positive smile) that I used non-stop, now just as required or not. I now calmly accept my serious face.
4. Stop to hold and control myself. Permanent self-control took a lot of my personal time and power.
5. The level of aggression increased to male norms. A few years ago I was overflowing with aggression, and then completely disowned it. Now I understand why and when to be aggressive. And the state itself is no longer scary, I am not afraid of my «animal».
6. Transgressed negative NLP installations. A few years ago, one NLP practitioner installed much shit in my brain, creating in my mind, as she thought, the “correct settings." Because of this shit I broke with many close friends, and even worse, because of this I constantly held myself and did not allow life to evolve, to go full speed. I do not know what would happen to me after 5 years, but probably nothing good.
7. Increased flexibility. Still making plans for the near future, but now if something I want goes wrong — I'm not crazy and do not get angry, not at the end of the horn wall, able to look at what the circumstances are.
8. Became easier to accept what is happening to me.
9. Became more responsible in everything.
10. Look on some aspects of the world in terms of their reality, not illusions.
11. Stopped sweating about the future and life in general. Everything will be fine, me and my world — we'll do everything it’s possible to do.
12. Got free from fear of confrontation with other people and circumstances. Now find very strange my past state — terribly afraid to express my will.
13. Forgave a lot of people, letting go of small, but deep resentment.
14. Began to do what I want, and not what other people want, or what is required to do. Actions themselves become enjoyable.
15. Expanded comfort zone. I used to always restrain myself, limited, worried about what other people will think, whether they enjoy. It got to the point that a couple of years ago, there began to appear a strange feeling «everyone is watching me». It popped up even when I was completely alone.
16. Increased confidence in my actions. Earlier, before an action, I thought «Can I do this?» And then cautiously proceeded to action. Now, I'm just acting, if I want to, and am ready to act.
17. Emotionally got older. I do not close my eyes to some problems, I am not afraid to make bold and risky actions, if I feel that it is necessary, it is time.
18. Back to joy for life. Prior to that, life was limited in its colors and forms. I restrained myself and restricted as I could, based on the prerequisites of all sorts of esoteric nonsense, opinions, and desires of others.
19. Began to live not only for others but also for myself. Until Baibak the basis of my life was other people, and I just forgot about myself. I could go, without regard, to death for others, but could not do a simple action for myself.
20. Ceased to feel guilty and blame myself for my choices, actions, decisions.
21. Stopped to wait for inspiration. Now I am the cause of action and inspiration, and not some kind of wave, or a burst of energy.
22. Learned to relax, to let go of control.
23. Ceased to live for only pleasures. Or I can say that I started enjoying all processes of life. No longer following only pleasant sensations, fun, highs. As a consequence I got free of music and psychoactive substance addictions. Most of the time dominated by calm, confident, satisfied condition.

Social relations

1.Released natural communicative skills with all people.
2. Relationships with other people are more friendly, open, heartfull. Before operating the system, did not want to deal with unfamiliar people, since for this had to constantly search for the reason for a normal conversation, look up words, and so on. Now I can talk to anyone about anything, or simply end the conversation and go about my business.
3. Stopped arguing with others about the truth and correctness of their views and ideas. I have my individual world, others have their own, even if the world is fundamentally not true, I don’t give a damn. Ask for advice — I will give it, but to teach someone else I have no interest at all. Now I wonder how many friends and loved ones have suffered, as I constantly corrected their actions and thoughts.
4. Relationships with people have become easier. I am not drawn for anyone else, and for me, no one runs. Communicate with those whom I want to communicate with, and not with those who I “need” to communicate as they are friends of the same company, the community, and other nonsense.
5. Do not miss the people from the past, old friends and classmates.
6. Ceased to bear resentment toward others. Now I can meet and talk with anyone heart to heart, even if the person at some time made towards me some rude things.
7. Began to perceive others as equals. Until Baibak I thought I was above or below another.
8. There are safeguards against manipulation by others. Now I work on the basis of my own will, and internal motivation.

And also

1 Imagination and images became more vivid, real. If something not pleasant comes to mind the whole body distorts. If something is pleasant, on the contrary, I feel a burst of energy and inspiration.
2. Recalled a huge number of episodes in detail, from childhood, school-age, youth.
3. Discovered the forgotten feelings of love and affection.
4. The difference between my own reasoning and negative voices in my head became more clearly distinguished.
5. Stopped sweating about the «usefulness» of products. Began to eat meat and drink alcohol moderately, without extremes. Gone is the dependence for sweets and Coca-Cola.
6. Improved concentration. Prior to that, it was like something pulling me to the side. Now if I need to concentrate, nothing will stop me to do it.
7. Moved to the country which I had long dreamed of.


Two weeks after writing review, peeled even more important layers that have been passed down through generations from father to son at the DNA level.
Life got the direction that I always dreamed of and saw for myself. Consciousness is filled with colors and big plans for the future. Realised that I wanted to start a family, children, build a house, and fully realise myself. All issues were resolved, the head is clean and clear, full of physical and mental energy. Very nice condition.

What was the most difficult for me to practice?

The hardest for me to realise is that my world view had very rotten roots and needed to change completely, including the rebuilding of thinking. It was hard to stop worrying that if I will let go of the past experiences I'll be naked and defenseless against my fears.
Baibak for me did a great job in making my realisation and psychological state. Before operating the system, I had the «insight» as to what an ass I am, but out of fear of making a real situation suppressed these insights, and did not allow myself to solve my own problems.
I want to particularly thank Ksenia and Nicholay for their sincere kindness and timely help in the understanding of my deplorable condition of the problems and their solutions. I am forever grateful and sincerely glad of our meeting, and of the changes that you have brought into my life!

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