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Keith Holt, 50 (2 months of practice)

Reviewed 2 months of practice

This is my two month review of the Baibak system. There have been many changes in me, some will be difficult to recall my state before starting Baibak as they are subtle, some will be easy since they are so fresh and startling.

Expectations before starting:
After reading the material I was excited but skeptical. I have tried many alternative healing methods and so often I have good results the first day or two and then nothing. Baibak was a bit different. The fact that I had to journal daily gave me pause since I don't typically like typing long messages. I have studied a few of the Russian healing/magical methods such as Ringing Cedars and Soaring but had found no lasting result from either. The fact that I found Baibak at random on a small website was a blessing and I knew that it was the right thing for me. I never really thought Baibak may be a perfect method before starting, but knew I needed to try it for my health. In the end my health has improved, Baibak has helped me find the right vitamins, minerals for improving my health. I discovered my thyroid was low, my vitamin B12 levels were low and that information helped me improve my health substantially and I believe it was Baibak that told me this information. I was taking lot's of naps, not getting good sleep before Baibak and now it is much improved.

When I first started I was doing Baibak an average of 2 times per day. The first day or two I felt like I was floating during the day and that the energy was with me even inbetween sessions. Later in the practice due to work obligations (busy) I typically did perform Baibak session one time per day on average but often I would awaken late at night and start a session and go back to restful sleep. A few times I saw lights flickering, a mist, heard noises, back crackling, a few times I bent so far over that I stumbled. I will again go back to 2 or more sessions a day in the future. I know this is best.

Physical changes:
1. Before: Lots of Body fat. After: Body became firmer. I lost a few pounds of weight in the beginning but the weight came back. I did notice that I was losing some fat and gaining muscle in my upper body/chest area. My shirts fit looser in the stomach area but tighter around the shoulders.
2. Before: Lots of Allergies to dust, chemicals, hay fever After: Allergies have went away almost totally. I know that continued practice will alleviate all my allergies.
3. Before: Grey rigid hair. After: Hair has become a bit darker, less gray.
4. In photographs I notice I appear to be younger over the past 2 months.In photos taken several months ago and in photos taken in September I look 10 years younger!
5. Before: Restless sleep. After: Sleeping better, more restful.
6. Before: Scalp scales, itching. After: Scaling much reduced. 80% improvement! This is one of my favorite improvements. Less itching!
7. Before: Fatigue, Bad digestion: I now know my Thyroid is low and my B12 needs supplement. Feeling better!
8. Before: Body Temperature was low. After: Now temperature is almost normal 98.3 degrees.

Emotional/Mental changes:
1. Before: Weak confidence. After: More inner strength and determination. I speak my feelings more openly. I need to be careful when speaking my mind but I have the courage to do so.
2. Before: Frowning. After: Smiling more, feel more happy (most of the time). Some bouts of depression but they tend to be short lived for one day or less.
3. Before: Stressed, cannot relax. After: More at peace, stress at work/home is less likely to ruin my day. The most stressful time at work ever, I still feel good most of the time, hard to shake me up.
4. Before: Procrastinate. After: More productive, focused at work. Lot's of new projects, very productive.
5. Before: Bad memories of childhood. After: My past, bad experiences have less power over me. Free from my past.
6. Before: Low confidence. After: More confidence in communcations with others.

Social Life changes:
1. Before: Boredom. After: Work is much busier, still learning to balance work/life very busy. I am still learning here from Baibak I believe.
2. Before: Low confidence. After: Easier to talk to opposite sex, less shy.
3. Before: Again low confidence, lack of focus. After: Considering starting my own business, health/nutrition related.This has been a dream of mine for a few years, now I am closer to making it a reality.
4. Before: Spending lot's of money on impulse buys. After: Spending less money on impulse buying (shopping online). I now tend to question my purchases before buying.
5. Before: In the past I preferred less people, less crowds. After: I now prefer to go to restaurants, cafes, shopping centers where more people are at.

Most difficult issues:
1. Resistance to practice Baibak, always putting it off, skipping sessions. I felt that it was my ego trying to keep me from my sessions.
2. Stress with my wife. At times problematic issues from my wife would really stress me, then they would resolve if I let them go without losing my temper and depending on Baibak.
3. Stress at work. Busy, Busy, Busy! Some wrong decisions led into conflict with my boss and other managers. Again if I just let them go and did not get mad they would resolve themselves.
4. At times I craved weird/unusual food, ice cream at midnight, steak for breakfast, peanut butter for snack, sweets, etc. I had not eaten much of these things in years but Baibak wanted me to have them for some reason. Some of this caused me to gain weight but I know it was for my health and good.

I highly recommend Baibak as a holistic healing method. I am forever changed and now have the Baibak energy to help me succeed in life!
Thank you Baibak and Baibak Team!

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