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Inna, 35 years old (2 months of practice)

This review is translated from a Russian-speaking member of the group.

Reviewed 2 months of practice

After reading the book, I was immediately sweptwith doubt about Baibak, that it is not possible, it is again someone's trick, but the next day I remembered the saying that all genius is simple, and sent in the application, which to my surprise was approved, so I started to practice Baibak. My expectations of improvement were purely on the physical plane: sinusitis, gallstones, high blood pressure, but what began to happen, I did not expect. For some things I was not ready, but I took everything for granted, with all the ensuing conclusions… there began to occur real miracles, healing is not only for the body but also the soul, the psyche, increased sensing of feelings or some sort of intuition… I will start in more detail.

First few days held sessions not so often, it was scary. After, began to do one session per day, I liked it, quickly switched to twice a day.


Immediately work began on the physical plane, as I had expected. Though I do not have problems with varicose veins in the legs, the work in the first sessions was carried out precisely with the veins, apparently it was a prevention! Then I realised that any healing will go through an aggravation. After a couple of days maxillary sinuses ached, so much so that the skin on face was painful to touch.
Started to clear both kidneys, sometimes the pain was such a shock, but quickly, instant. Excess water came out, like a diuretic effect. In general, very often during the session or immediately after it, was a powerful cleaning of intestines, the same as after a good enema.

There was long work with the liver-pain, bitter taste in the mouth, diarrhea, poor sleep, irritation.

When kidneys, intestine and liver were cleared, all this was reflected on the skin, hair and nails. Increased speed of hair growth, the natural colour become more intense. On the skin pimples disappeared all over the body, the face became younger, facial pallor is gone, rosy cheeks,delight in the mirror. Nails grew quickly and became stronger.


Here's something I didn't expect, it is a mental cleansing. From the first days I became very angry, and aggressive. I was surprised, but could not resist. Expressed all and everything that had accumulated in the soul, apparently this SHOULD have been done a long time ago, but the inner intelligence did not allow me to do that. People around me were shocked, but accepted my claims (complaints, dissatisfaction) and all calmed down.

During the sessions there surfaced many situations when emotions that were not processed, and buried, suddenly seized me with new force, sometimes laughing, sometimescrying… most importantly, this process was not possible to stop. It's like childbirth — once started, you then wait for its logical end. Here it was a similar situation, working on emotions to the full end.

The result of all, it’s the calmness in different situations. Now I can choose how to react. If I want, I will quarrel, or indifferently leave. If I want, I will laugh, leaving everyone perplexed. The main thing is missing the hundred «what they will think about me», now I don't care about strangers’ heads and thoughts.

Sessions have developed relationships with parents, husband, friends, and former friends. All claims, irritation and anger at them — everything bad was re-realised and gone. It turned out that the problem was not in them, but in my perception of the situation, templates, shortcuts, which I generously gave to them a lot.

The result is the relationships became very good with everybody. I am basking in the love of parents. I think in a loving and caring way for my husband. Friends are always nearby. No feelings of loneliness and of being abandoned. On the contrary, became like a magnet to attract people.
Began to love people, I finally began to love myself. It turned out that I am a very beautiful, charming, intelligent, young woman. It’s like my vision was improved. Complexes went.
I always felt some kind of emptiness and longing, now the optimism and energy infects all around. The mood is excellent, even in the most ugly, protracted, cold autumn rain, there is reason to be happy.


The world turned to FACE me. Luck is keeping up with me. Before — Example: stand in line, stand, stand and the window in front of me will close for lunch or technical break and so on. Now I am always first. In the clinic, there is no queue. In the Bank — I am the first, and for me people immediately stand. When I come to parking, someone always leaves and I park, etc.
If I don't want to meet with someone, and this meeting is scheduled, the meeting will not happen for some reason. The power of thought has increased. Conversely, if I want to meet with someone or just think about someone, suddenly we meet. It's not a Miracle?!
The world has become better, life is now a fun adventure.


I didn’t have big problems with money, but now it is just always there, in the right quantity.
People repay to me old debts, that I had already forgotten, which is also nice.
Many ideas in my head, realising that I can make good money. Joined creativity, wit, vivacity with making the RIGHT decisions.


During the sessions I had entered into my organs. Became acquainted with them, talking. Saw their energy, felt the mood. Learned what organs need to be healthy and happy — they willingly answered. It also helped me to better understand, and to know myself, that I am not just a BODY, who eats, sleeps and works… and I have every organ in my body with its own intelligence, with its task, and I can and should do what I can to help them, to show care and love.

Acute intuition. Problem situations seen with multiple positions and, accordingly, several right solutions. See through people, as in good, bad, cunning, greedy, good… I can know what someone unknown to me is doing, there was even a case that I looked at a man and realised that he had a couple of weeks left to live, and so everything happened unfortunately.

Not to lead anyone astray, I want to write that some of these abilities I have always had in “bud” form, but the FEAR of them was also there. What if suddenly something will come back, and so forth. Apparently Baibak made them greatly strengthened and removed the fears associated with them, and so went the development, and I took everything for granted, well there it is, and it will develop. Sorry that Baibak has not developed my voice and hearing, I love to sing, but the audience will run away!


1) to be healed, you need to pass the crisis of the disease, and with gratitude.
2) the world will change and adapt, if you will start to change yourself.

Baibak gave me a quantum leap of consciousness, connected to something that gives you ideas, healing and migrating spiritually above all, physically too. Threw away all fears, all the garbage thoughts and emotions. Gave revaluation of values. Turned the picture of the world. Presented to me Myself, removed the barriers.


The most difficult thing in practice, was the emotional re-experiencing of long-time past, forgotten, not pleasant events. The state of déjà-vu with emotional tension. There were powerful reassessments of my reactions to the situation, for example, something happened in my childhood, and I assessed the situation from the perspective of the child, and was frightened. Now, from the perspective of the adult, I experience this event and set a new assessment, adequate, and the fear goes away. Had a lot of situations to process, in some situations my hair was standing on end! But now it's all over, THANKS to BAIBAK AND CREATORS.

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