personal energocorrection system


hi, i now completed 2 month of this program.I run program 3 times a day,most of the session was sitting or lying,only some standing. nevertheless. Here some changes i found:
1. loss of weight. body has now more define shape (i didn't exercise) but i started to consume more soup and its now part of my daily meal 2. allergy reaction is minimum. Noticed absolute absence of allergy reaction on alcohol, still to test my pets reaction 3.since i started a program some ppl just disappeared from my life, new company of friends make me feel like at home and seems closer. in my personal life i now seeing someone and feeling very good and positive about our relationship. previously i felt like i was meeting wrong men all the time and didn't seem to keep relationship going,always being disappointed.
My perception of the world is more clear and positive. I definitely benefit from this program a lot, will continue to use this program in order to continue to improve my health and emotional state.

02 march 2015, 11:31  Vik Reviews 0   9 +1