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This article is for those who have noticed the close relationship between mind and body. Most likely you've noticed that, as soon as the old sore (emotional) problem pops up, immediately so does its echo in the body, in the form of acute exacerbations of chronic diseases, raised temperature, worsening allergies etc., or vice versa. When dealing with any disease, its associated set of emotions can be manifested. This is one of the signs that the disease is psychosomatic.

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About Cosmoenergy

Cosmoenergy — the science, which purpose to bring the man and his life to the energy balance and as a result to physical health. Cosmoenergy method was founded in 1994 by academician Vladimir Aleksandrovich Petrov, a doctor by education. Cosmoenergy method is not associated with magic, hypnosis, extrasensory, Reiki, Bioenergy, herbs, prayers, osteopathy and other things. At the basis of Cosmoenergy -torsion field theory and millennial experience of esoteric traditions.

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The author and distributors of this system take no responsibility for any consequences, both direct and indirect, that may result from use of this system.

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List of diseases

A partial list of diseases which can be treated by Cosmoenergy:

Diseases of the skin and hair

  • eczema, dermatitis
  • psoriasis, seborrhea
  • acne
  • sores
  • burns
  • festering wounds
  • papillomavirus
  • keloids
  • postoperative scars
  • itchy scalp
  • dandruff
  • weakened, brittle hair
  • fungal diseases hands and feet
  • hair loss
  • oiliness of hair
  • early gray hair
  • vitiligo
  • early skin aging

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