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About Cosmoenergy

Cosmoenergy is the science by which man and his life are brought into energetic balance, and as a result to physical health. The Cosmoenergy method was founded in 1994 by Academician Vladimir Aleksandrovich Petrov, a Doctor by education. Cosmoenergy is not associated with magic, hypnosis, extrasensory perception, Reiki, Bioenergy, herbs, prayers, osteopathy and other things. At the basis of Cosmoenergy is torsion field theory, and experiences of esoteric traditions dating back thousands of years.

About Cosmoenergy in terms of physics

Humans, at the physical level, consist of atoms and molecules. A Nucleus of any atom rotates around its axis and revolves around the core of electrons. This rotation generates a certain kind of physical field — a torsion field. Thus, in terms of field theory, any object consisting of atoms represents a complex configuration of atomic torsion fields. Such a complex configuration or object may be, for example, a living cell, and vast ranges of torsion configurations (cells) combine to produce a body part such as the liver, a complex structure of waves.

People who see energy structures have perceived this body, how complex sets of rotating micro-vortices, with different frequency fluctuations of energy, flow inside. Such individuals are able to perceive the physical body, its organs etc., in much the same way — structures formed by torsion energy-person cocoons, within which there are constant flows of energy, and vibrations of different frequencies.

A person's energy cocoon follows a set structure, with clearly defined energetic regions. The existence of these regions has been known for thousands of years, and in the Hindu tradition, they are known as chakras. They are more powerful concentrations of human torsion structures, with their bases (point of origin) located in a vertical structure on the inner side of the spine, their vortices spinning and opening out through the physical body. The higher the quality of these torsion structures (chakras), the higher the frequency of oscillation of their constituent torsion fields.

Torsion fields are carriers of information, and represent the physical basis/form of the Information field of this universe. Man has the ability to directly receive and convert the energy-space structures of a huge number of torsion fields. This ability has been indicated time and again, in all the esoteric teachings and schools of the past. Individuals can, by perception of vibrations, receive and use information for their own purposes.

History of Cosmoenergy as a science

It is believed that Cosmoenergy is deeply rooted in various esoteric practices such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Zoroastrianism, and others. Some think that Cosmoenergy represents ancient knowledge, rediscovered by Petrov who advanced and explained it from the point of view of science. There is a growing group of people confident that, before Petrov, there was nothing like this. That he has become a pioneer and a trailblazer. In some ways, they are right.

Founder of the Cosmoenergy method used today, Academician Vladimir Petrov, realized while studying at medical school that modern medicine is not an effective way to solve human problems. It does not explain the nature of many negative things in people's lifes. Petrov was attracted to the idea of working with energy, and so he began studying shamanic practices and tabibskimi (Central healers).

In 1984, Petrov found a way to adjust the human body in order to perceive certain frequencies. Finding and checking the specific frequencies for anomalous zones and so-called places of power took him 10 years, during which many tests and clinical trials were conducted. The purpose of these studies was to obtain tools that allowed the holder to affect the status of some kind of energy-field systems, including the human being. During this time, Petrov worked and collaborated with many different people, from shamans to academics and physicists. Great contributions to the scientific explanation of Cosmoenergy were made by individuals such as M. A. Markov academics, V. Y.Tihoplav, V. S. Polikarpov and other researchers of torsion field theories and of a single information field.

Petrov has created an easy tool that is available to everyone. All frequencies he collected were divided into blocks, and for 10 years their properties and effects on humans have been studied, allowing him to create a solid methodological basis for their applications. In 1994 he opened the «Petrov Cosmoenergy School» principles and methodological framework, which continues as a confirmed, effective, and unique method.

How healing takes place within Cosmoenergy

Frequencies within multidimensional energy-objects have a large number of parameters and properties. They contain information about the structure of the human energy field. So how can they be influenced? Impacting upon such energy is made possible through resonance, but resonance is possible only on the parameters of similar processes. At the conscious level, people can create resonances with external energy-processes that are similar to those within their own energy field. Simply put, man is the same (a reflection) as the world around him.

Individuals who use Cosmoenergy are able to influence and change frequencies within their own energy field, as well as the energy fields of other people. By using Cosmoenergy, the frequency and energy of an individual is heightened to levels corresponding with complete physical health. This happens due to the density (concentration) of Cosmoenergetic frequency flows being significantly higher than the density field of the average person. Similarly, the qualitative characteristics (information) of Cosmoenergy frequencies are much higher than similar frequencies within human energy-parameters. For this reason, healing does not happen instantaneously. The body needs time to adjust to these higher vibrations, and not fall back into lower frequencies due to habit. Treatment takes place via one or more exacerbations, and then the disease is gone forever.

The important point is to secure a stable result. By changing energy, people change internally. Gradually, things within a person’s surrounding environment (place of residence, work, friends etc.), were they un-favourable or a contributing factor to disease, are cleared and replaced.

Man, like any energy structure, is a kind of Russian Doll, or onion if you will. Healing begins with the smallest part/layer, and stops only when changes are fixed to the largest. If you stop working before the changes are fixed at the last layer, then eventually «uncured layers» will start to affect the previous ones, bringing them back to the original «unhealthy» levels.

Many healers miss this important point, and stop work immediately after results become evident on the physical plane — note that it is because of such healers that stories circulate the internet about people treated using Cosmoenergy who recovered only for their disease to return a few years later. Take, for example, the use of Cosmoenergy to treat alcohol addicition: a patient has been successfully treated, regained his physical health, and no longer craves alcohol. The “desired” effect is achieved, and so he decides to stop the sessions – why continue to go to a healer and pay money if he’s stopped drinking right? While on the surface it appears he has been “cured”, the higher level energy structures, which influence his surroundings (friends, work, family situation etc.) have not been affected. In such a situation, still under the influence of his old environment, relapse is highly likely.

The healing aspect of Cosmoenergy is largely based on cleaning the chakras (focus points of torsion structures). Each chakra is responsible not only for specific physical bodies (organs, systems etc.), but is also «the keeper» of our fate, a guardian of our futures. Restoring the functionality of the chakra system actually deploys our very own «inner healer», the ability to heal ourselves that we have otherwise, by our own fault, left to rust like an abandoned tractor. Take of the rust, clear out the grease, and it will work like new! And, as health and fate are wholly interconnected, with the improvement of our health comes the improvement of our future. Not overnight, and not a singular moment regarding one factor in our lives, but gradual and significant change.

Through powerful cleansing, and restoration of the normal functioning of the chakras, healing occurs; rejuvenation, better relationships with people, and ultimately improving quality of life. People change from within, and from there (within) comes happiness.


Throughout many different times, and in many different traditions, the frequencies described above have been given many names, and many explanations of how they work. But words are just words, a simple theory if you have not felt the force of their impact. And so, just try the Cosmoenergy method once, to understand the power and incredible features of this amazing technique.
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